Monday, July 04, 2011

What a Nice Day It Is!

There are plenty of reasons why it is a nice day but the main reason is I'm flying home for the first time since I enrolled into this university - I mean this campus!

Even hearing the sound of the lawn mower first thing in the morning didn't pissed me off anymore!

I slept around 4 this morning and since I usually have a 8.30 morning Computer class, I did woke up around 7.

Basically I'm done with packing the things I'm going to leave in the room... Right! The thing about this whole packing my stuffs is, there's a story behind it. Around 4 o'clock yesterday, I was already done packing my clothes, books, all the files and stationeries into the boxes, preparing for them to be located inside the storage room. At that point, all that was left to pack are my bed stuffs and some boxes filled with DVDs. Then, a friend of mine, a 4th year Law student, R came to my window (my room is on the ground floor before you guys making weird faces) just to say hi and asked me if I can give her soft copies of movies from my external hard drive. When she saw all the 5 sealed-boxes that I put in front of my room, she asked me what are the contents. When I told her those are my stuffs that I'm going to put in the storage room, she laughed and then asked me why didn't I just arranged them properly in my locker?

Of course, I went speechless. I thought we weren't allowed to use the lockers in the room as I'm afraid the stuffs will be long gone before I finally come back for the next semester. Then I thought, since I'm going to use the same room for the next semester, why bother to pack all the stuffs and put them in the storage?

Good news is, though a bit unfortunate for my roommate as she already packed everything in boxes and sent them upstairs, I can use her locker to put my things in it.

Phew! Thanks to my bestie, I got an extra padlock for the 'extra' locker... =)

Owh! Look what I found among the stuffs under my study table! Got this the day the movie premiere! Very useful (to cover our eyes) while I was watching Insidious with my bestie.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Giant Tumbler! The top part is for the popcorn =)

Anyway, all I could think about right now (and yesterday too!) is the list of things I want to do in the next 2 months! Is it gonna be a summer holiday? Where I'll just go out and have fun like all the time - except during August (Ramadhan) or is it going to be a fall holiday? Where I just stay at the house most of the time reading Dan Brown's and Nicholas Sparks? Or maybe a spring holiday where I'm gonna go crazy finding new flowers for my mini garden?

As Malaysian, we're not a 4-season country and that's a fact but for me, I use those terms to define my holiday. But the bottom line is, holiday for me is all about spending quality (and quantity) times with my parents and brothers. Of course with my other kids cousins, too!

whatever. whatever! I'm going to finish packing, get ready and do a little (yeah, right!) shopping before hitting the airport around 2...

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