Saturday, July 09, 2011

EHC '11 Day 4

It’s the fourth day and as usual, we had the morning routine and had breakfast a quarter before 7. I sat with few girls at the table and they were friendly enough to let me take their pictures.

After self-preparation, I went to the Main Hall together with some of the committees and while waiting for the kids to come, I hang out with Sr. Aziah, our Assistant Head of Facilitator. She showed me the prepared votes for the performances done by the kids for the culture night tonight. 

Around 7.30 a.m., after all the kids had arrived, we had few games to be played for the next half an hour, just to warm them up before we go the the next session with us, the facilitators. I could see all of them seemed to have a lot of fun!

At 8 o’clock, we gathered in our respective groups. This session took almost an hour. But before we start our modules, group leaders were summoned by the Head of Facilitator to take the vote on performances tonight. As for our group, the kids are going to perform rhymes on ‘Escape’. After brief discussions on that, we moved on to our modules right away. 

First, I gave them a piece of paper, one for the girls cluster and another one for the boys cluster. They need to find a way to turn the paper into one stripe that’s long enough to circulate each cluster. To make this game bit more challengeable, most other groups only made one stripe and circulate the whole group members with it but I didn’t do so as I could see that they don’t want to. Why force them, right?

Anyway, for the next 45 minutes, we delved ourselves into discussions about our SWOTs. What is SWOT? It’s like going back to Management... S = Strength, W= Weakness, O = Opportunity, and T = Threats. Some said Maths are so difficult to follow (damn true! Pre-Calculus almost killed me last semester!), English is like a language spoken on other planet, and all of them have one thing in common. Lazy to study. Welcome to the club, kids. Everyone in this world has those moments I think. There’re always some days that you think you don’t want to do anything and just lay on bed all day. Of course, as a human being myself, I do have those moments too. Especially a week before the final examinations. So, we discussed on how to study Maths better, (thanks to my roommate Imah, for giving some tips few days before my Pre-Calc paper!), how to improve their English lessons and lots of other things being discussed. 

We finished 5 minutes to 9 and then it’s time for the kids to have sessions with our MISI Club Advisor, Dr. Dolhadi. 

Throughout the sessions with Dr. Dol, I managed to get some rest and it was during that time it was decided that I’m going to be the host for tonight. After I’m done with the script for the slot with help from Sr. Hilda, I went to sit with the kids on the floor and help them to understand few advanced terms scattered throughout Dr. Dol’s PowerPoint presentations. During the sessions also, we had some in group activities and all groups need to choose a rep and present their ideas on stage. During the presentations, there were lots of funny moments and I started to take in what are the kids are having in their minds these days. 

After we had our lunch, we went back to our rooms to prepare for Zuhur prayer and went back into the hall around 1. As the sessions with Dr. Dol continued, I focused on thinking about the performance tonight. 

As they finished around 3 p.m., we had free times to discussed about our performance tonight and the rhyming sessions begin. I kinda helped them a bit with the some starting rhymes and let them went wild with their choices of words after that. 

The kids also decided to integrate some acting while performing tonight and I think I’m just going to go with it. After few rehearsals, I decided to call it a day and around 5.30 p.m., we went to Dining Hall to take our dinner. Meats were served and I thought I was going to die. Kidding! I haven’t had any meat except chicken since 2005 so yep! I only had some tofu and vermicelli. Yum!

Tonight, around 8 o’ clock, as everyone’s gathered inside Operation Room (it was decided last minute as the main hall is being prepared for the closing ceremony tomorrow), Bro. Fadzil announced that we’ll be given like half an hour to prepare ourselves for the night. Then, around 8.30 we started the night with prayer recitation by Ajie. All groups were given 10 minutes to perform and we started with group 1. 

Most of the performances were in fully Bahasa, some mixed with English. Lots of funny scenes and I could see the crowd’s having fun. We took a break for the supper and continued until all the performances were finished around 11.30 p.m.

Then, we had the final slot for today which is the Momentous Night. Basically, the slot is all about to remind the kids of their parents’ sacrifices and love. At first, it sounds a little bit harsh but the tone of the slot slowly softened down. As me and all other facilitators and committees were sitting at the back area, we had some chitchat and some of us were catching up some sleep. It’s our final evening in the school so everyone’s seemed a little bit worn out already but as for me, I was still excited after hosting the slot before that so I kinda managed to channel down my thoughts and focused on the presentations in front. 

For a moment there, I kind of merged with the feeling of regret, disappointment, frustration, and so on. All those sorry feelings I ever had in my life. It made me thinking back of the things I’ve done, things I don’t deserve, things that I didn’t appreciate enough and so much more. It’s like when I go back to the moment when I have to decide to change course to Architecture. 

Being the only daughter in my family and the oldest granddaughter in my entire family isn’t easy for me. So many eyes are watching over me and I clearly know that I kinda letting them down on certain aspects. 

Before the slot ended, I felt some drips of water on my face. Did I cry? I did. (This sucks!) I quickly shed them away as I don’t want anyone to see me like that. 

Everything ended around 1 and before we went back to our respective rooms, we were given our official T-shirts that we’ll be wearing tomorrow and though it came to my surprise, the colour is the same as my kitchen wall. Well, if you soften down the tone a bit, yes. But then, I got the colour that meant for the committees not facilitators. But I still preferred that colour though. Sorry, navy blues...

When we got back into the room, I was so exhausted but I still managed to pack my things and left the pieces that I need to wear tomorrow. It’s been a long day and the moment my head touched my pillow, I fell asleep. 
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