Monday, July 04, 2011

Flying Home

Here I am, sitting in the boarding area, looking at the people I'm going to board with in about 45 minutes.

Before that, look at 2 awesome figures that greeted me in front of the entrance just now! I'm sorry for the low quality pics as I'm just using my Sony Ericsson W995 that happened to be at the back pocket of my jeans that time as my hands are occupied with a LOT of things so I only managed to get few snaps of pics as I was also in a hurry to go to the check-in counter.

The awesome Bumblebee!

...and the great Optimus Prime!

As I arrived at the airport around 3, after checking-in all the luggages, I went to Starbucks to get my favourite:

Vanilla Cream Frappucino

.... and head to the boarding area right after. Oh! I forgot to mention that I went to Sembonia just to get a huge shopping bag to put extra stuffs i.e. extra kilograms that I couldn't get them into my luggages.

Now that I think of it, while tracing back when I first enrolled to IIUM, I actually never think that airport will be the one place I'll be going to every 3 to 4 months at least. I witnessed the changes, renovations, improvement in term of services, annoying new rules and etc. but one thing about airport that I notice is, it's a place that full with stories. As people travel from all around the world to this country via airplanes, airport is definitely a place to stop by.

As I'm the type of person that can never sit somewhere alone and not talking with someone, I always hang out in Starbucks for a cup of coffee or McDonald for the hot french fries before the boarding time. Sitting with some friendly travelers and exchanging stories is one of the great ways to kill some time, right?

Other than gaining some experiences on how to talk properly and drawing the lines of conversation, having new acquaintances outside of the campus and family connections is more than welcome...

Anyway, I'm still thinking of the things I wanna do for the upcoming 2 months vacation. Other than updating the company profiles, arranging the papers in the office and completing projects reports, I was thinking of making a 'make-over' to my little garden surrounding the garage in front of my house... The theme is Japanese tea garden... I'm gonna work on the sketch first then make some sort of proposal to my dad before handing them to my mom for approval...

Alright, then... I need to pick up my things and start to line up to board on the plane...

Happy flying, everyone!