Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Met Her!

While walking toward the parking lot, I heard a voice calling out for my name. It's Fafa!!!

She's my junior back in CFS and now in her 3rd year doing Engineering majoring in Automotive. She's actually doing a I don't know what to call it, part-time job? As a demonstrator in the workshop for the freshmen students in her faculty. Looks simple but I think there are so much more she can gain from this short period other than experiences and some pocket money. 

Anyway, after agreed to meet each other for some lunch or dinner in near future, I left the workshop and headed back to my mahallah.

P.S.: When Fafa mentioned she's still residing in Ameenah, I just can't wait to change my mahallah.


You Called That Assignment?

I didn't attend the previous Computer class on last Friday as I was busy with transferring Jeremy from the morning until afternoon. Not to call that was a good excuse but I got no other choice as there are lots of other things I need to do other than attending classes... Plus, I'm sure I didn't miss that much of information cause I know we'll be doing topics on storage and a bit of MS Word...

Anyway, when I asked a classmate later that evening during our Calculus class, she said there's nothing much cause the instructor was just explaining from the slides.

Today, I just found out about the assignment given during the previous class. I was almost mad at that classmate cause she was supposed to inform me about that stupid assignment. But ironically, even half of my class didn't know about the assignment (weird, cause they were actually present last Friday).

Anyway, after some pep talk by the instructor, she gave us a never-heard-before assignment which is to find as much terms and definitions that can be found in the slides that we're already discussed in the previous classes and we should submit it before the class ended.

So, I proceeded with it and done with 40 terms from a single topic which is the very first topic - introduction. I submitted it together with the classmate I mentioned before plus the assignment that I mentioned earlier. Since they already printed it, there's nothing I could say as there're so much that they actually failed to do according to the question given. Grateful enough that they included me in the group I just hope that the instructor will have show some mercy and not will try to kill us next time with another pep talk.

To be perfectly honest, I actually don't really understand with certain people who questioned the instructor's orders the fact that they don't even listen to her. I'm saying that I'm much of a listener but it doesn't mean I don't give attention to the important things she wants us to know.

Well, even though I felt slightly ridiculed by the assignment given today as it doesn't reflect a university level of assignments but I still follow her instruction without complaining out loud in front of her. I really think that these people need to start being a little bit professional in a way that being an adult about this whole thing that we call attending lectures. I don't how else should I put this, but in order for the class to run smoothly, why don't you just do whatever needed to be done and if you have questions or anything that concerns you, you can always consult the lecturers, right?

In essence, stop being a kid and grow up already... =D I'm 100% sure that you guys can do much better... I'm saying this not because I'm better than you guys but just at soft reminder... don't take it to your heart... and drive those thoughts thru to your mind...


Signing out!
Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Was Saying

In continuation to my entry First Program in Gombak .... I was saying about viewing the program in a bit different way, right?

So I was thinking.. by looking this whole situation in another point of point of view...

As you guys already know, I'm from Sabah. Born and grew up the first 12 years in my hometown and when I was 13, I went to boarding school in the main city of the state but merely for a year as I decided to transfer to another school.

All 4 of my mom's sisters - my aunts are married to men from here - Peninsular Malaysia so I do have the knowledge of people from here. Well, not that I got to see them every school break, but I still tried to catch up with whatever that you call as culture in here from my cousins.

Anyway, the first time I come to this part of Malaysia was when I got accepted to this very university. I was 18 and I got myself into Centre for Foundation Studies of IIUM and I happened to have roommates from Terengganu and Kelantan who are obviously speak way different dialects than mine.

My point is, when I first got here, I did considered myself as a 'foreigner'. It's like a whole new world to me and I could say I was having a very hard time while adapting myself with the culture and also the time differences (though it's just about 2 hours difference but I did I woke up 4.30 in the morning for the first 3 months!). Not only I need to learn the Malay's dialect - they always said that my dialect is more like Indonesian which I find offensive even until now cause I wouldn't said so if I were a Malay, I also need to catch up with so many phrases that hold different meaning in different dialects. Now, I find myself almost effortless to speak like those form here.

I was saying... yeah, about the view... Well, as much as I would like to say to these people who find themselves almost impossible to adapt in this university that they need to be patient and believe that slowly they'll come to realize that they actually going to love this campus (there's reasons why I emphasized on 'this' campus), I also want to say that you're not the only ones who're adapting with this whole 'as if I just landed on a strange planet' situation... those from Sabah or Sarawak are also suffering almost the same way as you guys... Though we speak Malay, there are other things that we're not comfortable with this place...

Bottom line is, it's a new place, so be prepared to open up your mind and experience our differences. All you have to do is just be positive and willing to adapt... If you're really unwilling to give up those strong urge against us Malaysian - the people, the country, and the food, then you should really ask yourself, "why am I here in the very first place?".

You probably think that all of this is just a damn stupid huge mistake but when you really think about it, this is no coincidence... Everything's being laid out there for you.. just pick up the things you need and get going! Who knows what you might discover in here?

Well, you may say who am I to you to say all these things right to your monitor, right? But I'm just saying that you probably need to let loose a bit and try to breath in different kind of air...

Not that I want to run as a mascot for 'Visit Malaysia' campaign though...

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe on your convocation day, or maybe right this second, you'll find reason to stay...

Before you want to back off from the deal you made to yourself before coming here, you might want to sit for a second and think... "maybe, there are other university that is better for me .... " and if you feel in your heart that's the best for you then you should go for it... Book the flights, hit the airport, and go!

Sometimes... You gotta

What? I'm just saying...


Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a Surprise!

It's Saturday but I don't have any anything popped out of my iCal. So I guess, spring cleaning will do.

Anyway, I just went through my wardrobe and found this 3 and half inch almond-coloured heels! Didn't expect to see it together with my sneakers... lol

...and I think I have one dress that can go with it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeremy Is Here!

After waiting for 2 weeks before he can be transferred and another 5 days cause he was stuck here and there, he's finally here! When I saw him after 5 months, I thought I can just be cool when we finally met. But I just can't help myself. I kiss him. People were looking but I don't really care. I just smiled happily.

I took my keys out and just ride him right away. I felt a little bit of uneasy at first but I think I'll do just fine. The ride back to campus was easy. Though I actually googled the fastest directions from there to here, but when I finally on road with him, I just felt it in me. As if I've been here since forever. I looked at the sign boards from time to time and when I got into the campus, I was smiling again. To be honest, even though this is just simple and effortless, I could see the glimpse of freedom everywhere I go. I like this feeling. As if everything that burdens me just been lifted off my shoulders.

As if I could go on like this forever.

I don't have to worry about walking around the campus anymore.

Because he's here. Jeremy is here.

People ask me a lot why don't I get myself a car instead. Well, it's not that my family can't afford it for me but it's not just the time yet. When the time come for me to get a car, I want it to be a special moment and If I could I want to pay using my own money. But for now, I'm with him.

Jeremy represents a lot in me. The me in here. A student in a university. He just fits me in everything. In a way he is a part of me.

Been thinking a lot of what I'm gonna do with him. I'm gonna go around and check out places around the campus area. See if there's a place that I could use as a place to hang out with him.

Hope he's fine out there. Too tired to walk myself from the roofed-parking lot to my room so I leave him right outside my block.

Sleep, well! =D I'll see you in the morning.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Took the bus for the first time!

Finally! After 4 weeks in in this campus I took my first ride on IIUM's bus!

I arrived in my class like 3 times earlier than usual... =)

Signing out!

Never Knew

I just came back from the main entrance of my campus to get the McDonald Delivery..

At first my roommate and I waited at my hostel's main entrance but after like 20 minutes, the security told us that the delivery guy won't be allowed to enter the campus ground after the midnight curfew so basically we have to walk to the main entrance which is like 20 minutes of walking. Awesome!

So, after walking down the hill and while trying to figure out the shortest way to get to the gate, a taxi went by and I almost scream 'Thank You, God". I would if it's not a quarter to 1 though.

After I got the food, went back to the taxi and he drove us back to our hostel.

Phew! What an almost-adventure!

whatever. whatever. It's almost half an hour to 2 in the morning and I think I better go to bed as I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So I Watched The Lion King Again!

When I was younger, my early entertainments are more of Japanese anime... Like Doraemon! Of course, my interest in anime grows with me until today....

There are few times I watched Walt Disney Classics like Cinderella...

In other words, I never actually have strong memories of Disney's The Lion King, the sequel, and so on...

Which is why.. I don't know why.. What came over me...? I don't even know... So I checked out Wikipedia - as always, what are the early animations of Disney and then starting to download them..

I know it may sounds crazy but here I am.. age 22 and cried when I came to the scene of Mufasa's death...

My girlfriends are do I put this.. well-versed with Disney Classics songs like the ones from Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and me? I don't even know who are the Disney Princesses are...

It's not that it is vital to know these things but I noticed when I'm among my girls, and my younger cousins... They will ask me, who is my favorite Disney Princess and I'll reply with Cinderella... but not because she's the best Princess I know but because she's the only Princess I know...

Something's missing inside of me.. No wonder I grew up unlike other girls into dresses, shoes, bags, and whatsoever...

whatever. whatever. I guess... I just have to believe in destiny... that there's reason behind all of this...

wait up. How  did I came to this conclusion? LOL

okay! okay! Let's just go back to 1991's Beauty and the Beast... I had a few things that I could recall about this but not pictures of memories..more like facts about it.. Who's the girl's name again? Betty? Adele?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's See...

as for today, I've no computer class... and the Pre-Calculus class which supposed to be at 2.30 has been delayed to 6 p.m. today... What 6???? That's my nap time!

So far, I'm doing good for both subjects... I catch up a little bit faster as I already studied these subjects before... The good thing is, everything that doesn't has any sense back then starts to make sense now...

Like all those shit in polynomial functions and stuffs...

or maybe my teacher back then was too fast/lazy to explain them to me...

The biggest difference comparing between the two classes is my classmates... Back then I had all-Malaysian classmates who speak my language at least but now all of my classmates are Foreign Students... Meaning I can speak English comfortably without some people making stupid and retarded faces when I speak English among them...

whatever. whatever. hopefully I can score these two subjects... So I can get a scholarship starting next semester...

see you in next entry!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Class Is Cancelled!

What is it in the world that I hate the most?


and then comes fever.

and then canceling an appointment with me.

So, when you promise to have an appointment with me,

#1 - don't be late
#2 - don't you ever cancel on me! Especially when I'm already at the promised location.
#3 - please use your common senses when it comes to look presentable in front of me. I don't mind if you wear cheap or expensive stuffs but make sure they are clean and I would really appreciate it if you smell good. No need to use expensive perfumes as smelling fresh and clean is more than enough.

Back to the real situation over here.... My lecturer just cancelled our classes throughout this week. Meaning that we have to do make-up classes. Meaning I have to double the schedule for next week. Meaning I'm gonna have at least 3 quizzes. Meaning I'm so DAMN angry!

Whatever. Whatever.

since all my girlfriends gonna be back home in Singapore this weekend, I think I'm gonna have movies marathon + shopping + clubbing + gym-ing ALONE... T_T

See you guys next week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Program in Gombak

I was told that the Computer class is cancelled after I reached the class 15 minutes before the class should start. The instructor was sick or something. Even though she promised that she'll post everything on her site if there's anything she wants to inform us regarding the lectures so we won't find ourselves frustrated seeing the "Class is Cancelled" note taped on the lab's door.

Anyway, I decided to go for a stroll around the campus since it's just 8.30 in the morning. Even the breakfast sold in the cafeteria are still hot. After I had my breakfast at Human Science faculty's cafe, I head to the library and while I was passing the Mini Auditorium, while I was contemplating about the Medical Science books that are still occupying the university's main library though students in Kuantan are in desperate needs to utilize all the sources available for their course works or whatsoever, a woman greeted me and gave me a pamphlet about a program they are having right now. She's a staff from our Counseling Services Centre which is known as Censerve among the members of this university.

As for this semester, they're gonna do this program that initially aimed for International students (I don't prefer to call them as foreigners cause I don't like that term to be used against me if I were one of them). But, they were rumors circulated around the campus that the university won't be offering this short semester and therefore a lot of students who intended to stay during this semester and do some subjects went home and enjoying their 5 months vacation as for now. Hence, the committees of this program decided to open the program for all the students - including a Malaysian like me (not so Malay-like though).

Having free time and done with homework, so I guess I could attend this program. So I did.

The program, entitled "Workshop on Self-Empowerment", a 2-days program (today and tomorrow) that consists of 5 main slots that include forum, movie presentation, and talks. For today, we were having a forum in the morning and a movie - 2000's 'Remember the Titans' in the evening.

First the forum, the main topic is "Surviving at a Dreamland". There were three panelists as usual and the moderator is an international post-graduate student from Bangladesh.

The first panelist, Datin Umme Aiman Siddiqi, working as a Project Manager in JICA, grew up in Tokyo, Japan and been living in Malaysia for 18 years. The question was about difficulties that she faced throughout the early years she spent in this country. Basically, it's all about experiencing new culture, coping with the environment, and of course studying at the same time. She used to complain about the food, a Pakistani who always eat her country food so she is grateful for having some Indian food around the campus. One thing that she highlighted about the culture is when she swore that she would never wear a Baju Kurung like Malays after having a debate about the best and most Islamic apparel ever with her roommate. Some people would say that is the most stupid thing ever to, to talk about even. But, me myself have experiences about this whole thing about Baju Kurung. With international friend of course.

She said one of her major issue is changing her mindset on how to handle this whole thing about studying in this country. She said she used to think that it's unfair as people don't want to change for her. But when she finally embraced the fact that Malaysia won't change for her, and when she begin to learn the language, she said a lot of doors being opened for her. At first she was irritated when people are staring at her because she doesn't look like from around here, when people asked what's she been doing as a part of everyday conversation, and other things. Then she realized that all of these things that Malaysian do are the things that out of courtesy. Like saying "It's a pleasure to know you" after getting to know with someone new.

All in all, it's all about your efforts to understand each other. The commons, the differences, and tolerating with all of these.

The second panelist, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wahabuddin Shahibuddin Reiees, from Afghanistan, a faculty member of our Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed knowledge and Human Sciences.

He said the first few months was hard. He was among few young students that had been invited by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir himself to study in Malaysia while on his trip to visit the Afghan refugees back in '83. So he came to Malaysia for the first time to study in our CFS (known as Matriculation during his days), studied English and eventually did his Degree, Master and Phd. One of his memories during those days in Matric was spending the 'Eid with his Malay friends. He also talked about how he kept on focusing in his studies knowing about the wars raged in his country.

The third panelist was a funny guy from Burma. He's a graduate from our IIUM and currently working as a lecturer in UiTM. He said either to sink or swim. Unlike some students who still have the audacity to go back to their home countries even after their parents spent a lot of money for them to come here to study (sounds familiar to me), he said to himself that there's no way he would back out of the deal he made with his parents. It's amazingly funny how he expressed his time learning the language and he also talked about his great times spent with his local friends.

When we're done with the forum few students came out and share their experiences with the audiences so all in all, I think this program was nice. You need to step out from your busy life and had some sharing moments with your friends to remind you who you are and and what have you become as of today.

Well, there are few things that I want to talk about, one of them is taking this program in a different view like as you guys already know, this program mainly discussed about the life on international students, their struggles, their problems and difficulties, right? What about us? The ones who are looking at these people,the ones who are living with these people? How do WE cope with them?

So, I think I'm gonna post about that in the second part of this entry...

P.S.: the souvenirs from JICA is nice. Love the colour.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Long walk to the class...

As usual, (weird to say actually as this is only the third class) I went to class by the long walk to the Engineering building... Along the way I was thinking about what happened yesterday while I was outing with my roommates...

It was fun... =D We watched movies, did some shopping...

Since S and Y are doing their internships, I don't get to spend much time with them recently...

Anyway, going to have a lot of quizzes for the upcoming weeks.. so I better start revising my notes...

Take care!