Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Was Saying

In continuation to my entry First Program in Gombak .... I was saying about viewing the program in a bit different way, right?

So I was thinking.. by looking this whole situation in another point of point of view...

As you guys already know, I'm from Sabah. Born and grew up the first 12 years in my hometown and when I was 13, I went to boarding school in the main city of the state but merely for a year as I decided to transfer to another school.

All 4 of my mom's sisters - my aunts are married to men from here - Peninsular Malaysia so I do have the knowledge of people from here. Well, not that I got to see them every school break, but I still tried to catch up with whatever that you call as culture in here from my cousins.

Anyway, the first time I come to this part of Malaysia was when I got accepted to this very university. I was 18 and I got myself into Centre for Foundation Studies of IIUM and I happened to have roommates from Terengganu and Kelantan who are obviously speak way different dialects than mine.

My point is, when I first got here, I did considered myself as a 'foreigner'. It's like a whole new world to me and I could say I was having a very hard time while adapting myself with the culture and also the time differences (though it's just about 2 hours difference but I did I woke up 4.30 in the morning for the first 3 months!). Not only I need to learn the Malay's dialect - they always said that my dialect is more like Indonesian which I find offensive even until now cause I wouldn't said so if I were a Malay, I also need to catch up with so many phrases that hold different meaning in different dialects. Now, I find myself almost effortless to speak like those form here.

I was saying... yeah, about the view... Well, as much as I would like to say to these people who find themselves almost impossible to adapt in this university that they need to be patient and believe that slowly they'll come to realize that they actually going to love this campus (there's reasons why I emphasized on 'this' campus), I also want to say that you're not the only ones who're adapting with this whole 'as if I just landed on a strange planet' situation... those from Sabah or Sarawak are also suffering almost the same way as you guys... Though we speak Malay, there are other things that we're not comfortable with this place...

Bottom line is, it's a new place, so be prepared to open up your mind and experience our differences. All you have to do is just be positive and willing to adapt... If you're really unwilling to give up those strong urge against us Malaysian - the people, the country, and the food, then you should really ask yourself, "why am I here in the very first place?".

You probably think that all of this is just a damn stupid huge mistake but when you really think about it, this is no coincidence... Everything's being laid out there for you.. just pick up the things you need and get going! Who knows what you might discover in here?

Well, you may say who am I to you to say all these things right to your monitor, right? But I'm just saying that you probably need to let loose a bit and try to breath in different kind of air...

Not that I want to run as a mascot for 'Visit Malaysia' campaign though...

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe on your convocation day, or maybe right this second, you'll find reason to stay...

Before you want to back off from the deal you made to yourself before coming here, you might want to sit for a second and think... "maybe, there are other university that is better for me .... " and if you feel in your heart that's the best for you then you should go for it... Book the flights, hit the airport, and go!

Sometimes... You gotta

What? I'm just saying...


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