Monday, May 30, 2011

You Called That Assignment?

I didn't attend the previous Computer class on last Friday as I was busy with transferring Jeremy from the morning until afternoon. Not to call that was a good excuse but I got no other choice as there are lots of other things I need to do other than attending classes... Plus, I'm sure I didn't miss that much of information cause I know we'll be doing topics on storage and a bit of MS Word...

Anyway, when I asked a classmate later that evening during our Calculus class, she said there's nothing much cause the instructor was just explaining from the slides.

Today, I just found out about the assignment given during the previous class. I was almost mad at that classmate cause she was supposed to inform me about that stupid assignment. But ironically, even half of my class didn't know about the assignment (weird, cause they were actually present last Friday).

Anyway, after some pep talk by the instructor, she gave us a never-heard-before assignment which is to find as much terms and definitions that can be found in the slides that we're already discussed in the previous classes and we should submit it before the class ended.

So, I proceeded with it and done with 40 terms from a single topic which is the very first topic - introduction. I submitted it together with the classmate I mentioned before plus the assignment that I mentioned earlier. Since they already printed it, there's nothing I could say as there're so much that they actually failed to do according to the question given. Grateful enough that they included me in the group I just hope that the instructor will have show some mercy and not will try to kill us next time with another pep talk.

To be perfectly honest, I actually don't really understand with certain people who questioned the instructor's orders the fact that they don't even listen to her. I'm saying that I'm much of a listener but it doesn't mean I don't give attention to the important things she wants us to know.

Well, even though I felt slightly ridiculed by the assignment given today as it doesn't reflect a university level of assignments but I still follow her instruction without complaining out loud in front of her. I really think that these people need to start being a little bit professional in a way that being an adult about this whole thing that we call attending lectures. I don't how else should I put this, but in order for the class to run smoothly, why don't you just do whatever needed to be done and if you have questions or anything that concerns you, you can always consult the lecturers, right?

In essence, stop being a kid and grow up already... =D I'm 100% sure that you guys can do much better... I'm saying this not because I'm better than you guys but just at soft reminder... don't take it to your heart... and drive those thoughts thru to your mind...


Signing out!
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