Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sushi King, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

It's been a long day and as my lil' bro had to drop me at shopping mall as he went to see a drag competition nearby KKIP, I went to Sushi King in Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu for a self-treat this time. 

Just a little introduction on this restaurant, it's one of the biggest sushi restaurant chain in Malaysia and this branch in Suria Sabah is actually their 200th store was opened last year (if I'm not mistaken haha). 

Of course, they always have deals like 20% off your bill from 3 to 6 pm on weekdays and other seasonal campaigns (last time I got a Baymax keychain upon having a Baymax-themed meal. LOL!)

You can get a Membership Card and it's renewed annually. Usually you have to pay RM20 to get a card but they'll always give you back vouchers that you can use for your next visit. Even more, they sometimes give gifts like salt and pepper containers, calendars and whatnot upon your membership renewal. 

Enough about that, it's time to talk about the food. 

There are several numbers of categories for the Japanese food that the restaurant offer their customers and if you're looking for a quick start, go for the meal sets. This time, I went for Katsuni Set as the main course. The set includes a 5 small deep fried chicken cutlets with special sauce, one raw egg which to be cooked together with the chicken, one miso soup, one bowl of rice and my favourite appetizer, chawanmushi which is basically a pudding.

I also ordered a wakame salad as I sure do love seaweed! This tastes a little bit sour though. hehe

Now this is the chawanmushi. It's like a pudding but it's filled with crab and fish cutlets in it. The best way to eat this is by pouring some Nitsume (sweet soy sauce) to really just upgrade the taste.

Finally for dessert, I had a scoop of matcha ice-cream which is basically as green tea-flavoured ice cream. I really like the taste of green tea and with a little hint of vanilla, it's just perfect. Totally remind me of Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino.

So that's all for now. hehe Definitely will be updating more on my regular meals at this restaurant as I've been a regular for at least 10 years. :D

Till next time, au revoir!
Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekend is Here

So my parents boarded the plane to KL this morning so I decided to hang out at Starbucks all evening. 

Honestly, hanging out at Starbucks especially during weekends is definitely my thing before but after I started working, weekdays are all about working and getting enough sleep at night as I need to wake up early while weekends are all about catching up with house chores - both at sharing house and my house. 

I came back yesterday and though there are zillions of things I need to do at home i.e. laundry, cleaning and so many other things, I just drag my lil' bro to drop me here. 

As I was rearranging my labels, I logged in into my Nuffnang account and noticed that after 3 years, Nuffnang listed this blog for their CPC campaign again. 

That's surprising actually. I even saw ads plastered on my blog several times before though it's not under CPUV Campaign. But still, I just hope I can keep updating this blog as I do need to clear my head and blogging is just one of my way to do it. 

Throughout this week, all I did was updating the Project folders. Tracking missing letters i.e. 'hunting' the responsible Project Managers for them to justify the missing letters or just to reprint whatever they can find in their computers. I'm also working on the Office Supply Inventory and that's quite cray cray as the stuffs are placed all over the office. 

Overall, nothing challenging I guess. Typical menial tasks. I started reading Structure reference book again just to keep this week interesting. haha

Until next time, au revoir!