Monday, October 17, 2011

Awesome Weekend!

Well, the previous 3 days was just crazy! With my parents and lil' bro in KL, my big bro and his pre-fiance came down to meet us all at Seri Pacific Hotel. 

On Saturday, their flight arrived at 10 in the morning and I arrived at the hotel like 12 p.m. after meeting up with Kak Ida at KL Sentral. That night, we all went out to have dinner (and LOTS of snacks) literally everywhere! Most of the time me and mum just talked about lots of things - about this semester in Gombak campus, the start of studio  and everything, while my big and lil' bro just went out to other places around KL. 

On Sunday, we went to Times Square, did a little shopping (finally I got myself a backpack! Bought one from Body Glove) and had Papa Johns pizza afterwards. Back in hotel, mum and decided to just chill out there so me and my cousin went to The Mall, right in front of the hotel and checked out some hot sales in Adidas warehouse at second level. I grabbed some socks and a bottle water. I can't spend so much as I know tomorrow I'm gonna spend a lot! Yep! 

Finally, today, me and my parents went to Taman Melawati West Star Art Shop to get all the stuffs I need for my Graphic Communication subject. Colours, designer portfolio bag, drawing protectors, T-squares, sketch books and lots of other things. The thing about this trip is, it's not that I can't just the get the money from them and go myself but there was this once that I went to the shop and saw some girls with their parents, so.... Yeah, kinda lil' jealous over there... 

Around 12 p.m. my parents sent me back to campus and off to the airports after that. 
feeling down while walking back to Mahallah, a friend called me and asked if I want to join her and some other friends to have lunch in the campus. So yeah.. I said to myself that time, that instead of feeling sad and whatnot, I decided to be awesome! hahaha :D.. Yeah, Barney! Right back at cha'!

My room is just bit crazy right now with so many things on the floor, on the bed and of course on the table. Yup1 Let's get some shelves, shall we?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Waiting and Jumping

Jumping dolphins! 

Oh, another one... 

Weeeeeee~!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Hell, yes! I am excited! WHY? hehe... Let me tell you the beginning of today's tale first.

It's Friday and you guys know that I don't have any class starting from Friday to Monday, right? yeah, yeah... don't be jealous! Hehe

Other than replenishing my 'How I Met Your Mother Moments with Barney' supply, I pretty much didn't do anything. Right, Barney?

Watching one of my favourite episode, where we learn how to 'plot' a 'graph'...

Oh, complementing this one is Season 4's 22nd episode, 'Right Place, Right Time Episode' where Marshall had addiction with his awesome charts... :D

and this... 
Of course, this...
This, too!
Wait for it, this one...
Not forgetting... 
But of course, you guys know where this leads, right?

Oh, Marshmallow.... 

Wanting to go out but it's okay, I love my room today. =)

I went for Math tutoring at the library from 4 to 6, but decided to continue for another hour after dinner when I got an awesome text from my lil' bro. It seems that I forgot something.

My parents and lil' bro are coming tomorrow!

Which is why I decided to finish the first 2 chapters with the girls as I don't want to be disturbed until Monday. Sorry girls, but this is once-a-year-thing.

When I got back in my cube, I cleaned the room right away. After that, I did the laundry and arranged my stuffs on my shelf and on the desk. When I'm done, I'm feeling tired a bit. But I don't care.

Grab few books, started to read something. Tried to read a thing. I can't focus. So, I online instead.

Surfing and surfing and surfing. Nothing can ease my mind. Unconsciously, I'm planning this and that.

Look at me! I'm just too excited! haha I miss my parents so much! Well, lil' bro is just plus... Kidding! he just finished his PMR so this is kinda a reward for him...

Anyway, it's almost 5 in the morning and their flight will be arriving at 10.

Only now I'm feeling sleepy. :)

Okay, people. Wanna hit the bed and wake up in few hours.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonderful Day

Still feeling happy about today's Graphic Communication assignment's presentation. :D

if you guys wanna check out this so-far-the-best-piece-from-me, go here... 

Anyways, I had my lunch for the first time in KAED cafe! I know, right? The dishes were kind of awesome in term of varieties, and being cheap is definitely a bonus. 

As usual after lunch, I went to Kulliyyah of Engineering for my Maths class. The class now had moved to Level 4 but with sufficient seats compare to Level 3's classroom. 

After the class, I went back to my cube to get enough rest as I slept like 4 in the morning and woke up at 6.30. 

It's almost midnight... Owh, I forgot. Enjoy your weekends, y'all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not-Wordless Wednesday

I woke up like 6 this morning and went for a walk literally around the campus i.e. no shortcuts. It was great. I feel great. Fresh air in the morning is one of my favourite thing. Though we were walking side by side, me and K didn't talk so much as we kinda retreated to our own thoughts.

I snapped this while catching my breath. Seems familiar to you? This path holds special memory to me.

Guess where is this? Correct answers will get choki-choki sticks from me. =)
Then around 9 in the morning, I went to library level 4 to do some community service - Math tutoring for the first few chapters. FYI, this is just personal tutoring, definitely not under SLEU. I'm not that good to be a qualified tutor... hehe

Had lunch around 1 afternoon and decided to finish my pattern design. Love the turned out. The theme is 'Graduation'. Yeah, thanks to the still ongoing Convest'11. :)

Around 2.30, I went to KAED, Tutorial Room 10 where I had my only second (this is the fifth week, people!) Introduction to Built Environment class. Overall it was fine as we're still in general topics. Lots of global issues were brought in and the class went to discussion-mode like 80% of the the whole time. This happens a lot in merely 8-students class, that's why.

After the class, I went for my dinner alone in Mahallah's cafe and only around 9 p.m., I started colouring my pattern. 

Looking at the half-way coloured paper.... yeah, yeah... I'm coming~

That's all people! 
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Skuad Perodua Era

... hit us the IIUM citizens! As usual, they stayed for mere 20 minutes and gave away lots of things.

I got some Mountain Dew drinks and Gardenia's waffles! They also gave away music CDs and some toothpastes and some other stuffs like cosmetics from AVON. Enough with the talking, enjoy the pictures!

Starting of the giving-away-stuffs! People were gathering and participated well in answering the easy questions given out by these guys!

Official Car - Perodua Myvi

I think this guy just got Mawi's CD.

Yes, bro.. Pull out some more! LOL

It was so much fun. Not because of getting the stuffs but more on seeing these kids (kids, huh?) so excited! 

Anyway, I met with K while heading towards Jeremy and we went back to mahallah together. Went to gym right after and took the hellish stairs on the way home... 

Owh, I snapped this before running and leaving K behind. LOL

At 8, I met up with Belle and had our dinner together at the Human Science Cafe. While we were catching up some old stories, 2 other friends came and joined us. It is nice to be with these people cause when we're together, things definitely will just go crazy! We talked, we laughed, shared stories... If it not because of my busy (really?) schedule, I definitely will stick to these people more. hahaha

I hit my cube around 11 and continued with the design intent for my pattern assignment. 

With that, au revoir!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Of Poetry Recitation and Sketchbook

A friend of mine texted me yesterday just to make sure that today I'm coming for her poetry recitation in the ground-stage in the middle of centre area of the campus at exact 12 noon.

As per usual, I slept around 4 this morning and woke up around 11.30. Another text came in and I was very sure it's her. It is her. Took a quick shower, put on the nearest baju kurung and yesterday's scarf. Haha. I know I'm already late and the fact that I promised to come, just keeps on nagging me every single second on my way to the place.

Fortunately, I arrived exactly right before she recite her poem.

It was lovely. Really.

Damn, it was 12 something noon! But before I headed towards the HS Cafe Dry area, a poet caught my attention. According to some friends, she's a lecturer from Human Science Faculty, teaching literature. She's awesome! Check out her blog here!

Only after that I decided to get out of the hotness and went directly into the shop and grab the big orange juice and some paper cups to share with them. There, I met Za'a who was in the middle of the crowd who was waiting for Belle. We chatted for a bit but minutes after that when I turned back towards where my friends earlier were standing, they're gone. I shrugged and turned away.

There, Belle was standing, and we both thirsty. We grabbed seats and enjoyed the drinks I bought earlier and few friends were coming too. It's their rezeki, I guess.

I decided to hang out some more and thus pulled out my sketchbook and some pencils. I did some sketching and only around 3 I think, K called me to go to the Choc Fair.

We met up at Azman Hashim Building and walked towards the KAED Gallery. There are stalls set up even outside the gallery but we directly went inside. We were greeted with Strawberry Chocolate and of course, the choc fondue.

Alright, for the rest of the story, let these pics do the talking.

All in all, it was fun. Chocolates are literally everywhere! Even an anti-choc like me find this event quite amusing let alone those choc-maniacs!

Alright, I think that's all for now... I'll see you guys on next entry.

Signing out!


P.S.: Though it might sound lame a bit, it was the first time of my life of seeing the actual chocolate fondue with my two eyes. True story.

Looking back to the title of this post. Huh?
Should've been "Of Poetry Recitation and Chocolate Fair" though.. heehee
Sunday, October 09, 2011

Drawings! Drawings!

....and drawings! So far, I'm kind of happy with my pens and pencils... I'm hoping that colouring would be awesome, too!

We basically spent 2 weeks on pens and pencils media. We sketched, doing some renderings and shadings, got to pick random objects as sketching subjects and most of all, we got to play with different techniques.

it's very important to improve each and everyday. We literally need to go outside of our comfort zone as easy drawings means easy marks. More details means more challenges. Thus, the more challenges, the more we'll learn.

I can't really draw and that's true which is why I have to work harder! Been walking around the campus more than usual as I need to find inspirations everyday.

People, objects, scenes, and lots of other things.

I need to keep myself in the game right now... I haven't gone out for movies for like... I don't even remember! The last movie was... Fright Night! It was 3 weeks ago! Take me more than 5 minutes to remember... 

Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next week Graphic Communication class as we'll be learning about colours.

Until then, take care!
Saturday, October 08, 2011


Starting today, until 15th of October is the 27th IIUM Convocation Fiesta.

There many events are going to be held for this upcoming week such as Serumpun, IIUM Got Talent, Triple F Race, Islamic Performance Night, and the most I'm looking forward to: Choc Fair that is going to be held in KAED Gallery. Inevitable :D

I was walking around and saw this, but since I'm just using iPhone 3GS, the quality of the picture ain't that great (yes, papa! Hurry up and buy Nokia N9, already!) so I Googled this instead. Credit to whoever it belongs to. 

I took this myself though... =)
One of the awesome things about this fiesta, other than it being held once in every academic year, (duh, for the convocation, right?), this year's comes with a mascot. I took this picture from the Official blog of the event. Well, this seems to be appeared in one of the many themed-appearance i.e. every event comes with different style of the mascot itself. I think this is for the Islamic Performance Night...

Other than crazy traffic even within the campus, graduates with green robes and trenchers everywhere, flowers with teddy bears, a lot of smiles and pictures snapping, not forgetting the awkward looks on people who're already graduated when they say me roaming on Gombak Campus, all in all...

Well, let's just say I'm just going to look forward for the Choc Fair (even though the fact that I don't eat chocolate...). K is dragging me merely for the choc fondue so, let's just enjoy the rest of the week, k?


Thursday, October 06, 2011

R.I.P Steve Jobs

The world has changed by 3 apples so far.

The first apple was the one bitten by Eve (Hawa) and it was the start of the story of human race on earth.

The second one was the apple that fell upon Isaac Newton's head (and the tree still exists until today) and from there was the start of gravity theory.

...and comes the third one, Apple... Products, company... the least I could say is if it wasn't because of Steve Jobs and his amazing crews, Apple Inc. won't be awesome as it is today.

Thanks for your amazing ways of thinking that has given me great ideas of life.