Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello, 2014!

So, here we are. At the end of 2013.

How's your 2013? For me, it's a total roller-coaster. I was in deep situation early this year and things got a little bit better only in June onwards.

Then starting September, so many stuffs happened. I could barely keep up with people around me.

All summed up in one word, studio. Okay 2 words. Design Studio.

This semester is kinda tough, plus I had to adjust my schedule with ArQuinces and XaVIans as I'm taking subjects with both batches. Yep, it's real crazy sometimes.

It's been about 3 years I spent in this campus and things progress rather slowly. But what's the rush, right? Better late than never.

So how about 2014? I don't know about you guys but I'm expecting a lot of things and most of them involving hard work.

But things that is going to be the highlight of next year would be one, Design Studio 2 and 3. Two, I need to finish up my driving lessons. Three, oversea trip with a friend.

There are other things I want to accomplish in 2014. Both academically and personally.

... and I guess there will be new things that I will be talking about more often here in this blog in the near future.

New Year Resolution? Hmm... I decided to go with last year's. Cause so far I only accomplished some of them while there are other things I haven't even started yet. I promise myself to work harder for one thing.

Anyway, I just hope things will go nice and smooth for next year and hopefully, I can finally start looking for that one thing that can help me surviving in this uni life.

Sorry for this quick lazy post as I just finished my exam. :D 

See you guys next post.