Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Party!

Alright... here is my 'Let's Party' Playlist!

  1. Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
  2. Express - Christina Aguilera
  3. Sleazy - Ke$ha
  4. Big Spender - Adrienne Bailon
  5. Firework - Katy Perry
  6. Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha
  7. Tambourine Feat. Jay-Z - Eve
  8. Bad Girl - Pussycat Dolls
  9. Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
  10. Uncontrollable - Adrienne Bailon
  11. Show Me How You Burlesque - Christina Aguilera
  12. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
  13. Tik Tok - Ke$ha
  14. (Drop Dead) Beautiful Feat. Sabi - Britney Spears
  15. Bust Your Windows - Jazmine Sullivan
  16. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) - Katy Perry
  17. We R Who We Are - Ke$ha
  18. Till the World Ends (Remixes) Feat. Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha - Britney Spears
  19. When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls
  20. Calling You - Kat Deluna
  21. Cannibal - Ke$ha
  22. Beep Feat. Will.I.Am - Pussycat Dolls
  23. E.T (Futuristic Lover) Feat. Kanye West - Katy Perry
  24. Unstoppable - Kat Deluna
  25. I Wanna Go - Britney Spears
  26. Blow - Ke$ha
  27. If This Is Love - The Saturdays
  28. Telephone Feat. Beyonce - Lady Gaga
  29. Buttons - Pussycat Dolls
  30. Empire State of Mind Deat. Jay-Z - Alicia Keys

...Updated as of the end of second quarter of 2011... =)

Signing out!

One More Day more day to go and I'm done with these papers....

I'll have my Computer final exam tomorrow.... thinking that maybe I could go to the Heritage Studies' Annual Exhibition at our faculty's main gallery....

Might find something interesting....

whatever. whatever.

I'm going back to Ellie to read computer notes...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-Calc Attack!

OMG! the paper was EXTREMELY hard! I tried to answer most of the questions but I didn't actually solve them...

I really hope I can just pass this one and re-take the paper without the credit hours being cumulated to my Cumulated Credit Hours as I'm going to need at least B to change to Architecture!!

whatever! whatever! I'm gonna start the revisions for my Computer and hopefully I'll score on this one and balance my CGPA.



Waiting for the rain to stop before I can go to Architecture faculty and check out the exam's venue...

got a lot of things on my mind since yesterday... i knew that going out before exam day was a bad idea but I just can't help it when my roommate mentioned '..then we can hang out in Starbucks, and then.."

Anyway, seems that the rain has stop... I guess I better go now... before it's start raining again..

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finals are Coming!

I'll be having Pre-Calc paper tomorrow and Computer paper on Friday...

So, I was planning to stay in my room and study Pre-Calc the whole day. But when I woke up this morning, my roommate, K came to my room and the first thing she said is

"We need to go to Starbucks today and study..."

when I looked at my watch, it's just around 7 in the morning and there's no way I can study in Starbucks cafe! Let alone in a shopping mall!

But my roommate kept on insisting to go and I said, what the hell. I've studied a lot already... and it's Pre-Calc! The questions are definitely gonna be freaking hard anyway.

So, I hit the shower around 9 and we took the cab around 10 and reached Alpha Angle shopping mall (best known as JJ Wangsa Maju) around 10.30. When we entered Starbucks cafe, no other customer sitting anywhere and most of the staffs are still having morning meeting.

A barista greeted us at the counter and we ordered right away. While ordering, my roommate told me that the Starbucks cup she bought early this semester broke last week and she need a replacement but I suggested for her to buy the tumbler instead. She was like asking what's so special about the tumbler and the barista in front of us was making faces. Because of that I have to argue that the tumbler is so cute and we can get discounts every time we buy a beverage!

But then, I was so surprise when my roommate actually went to the shelf and took one! It's not even for her but for me! OMG! I was so happy!

For the rest of the story, I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking!

'Breakfast in Starbucks'

Thanks for the tumbler, babe!

"I'm so happy for getting what I want! Been wanting to come here for weeks already!" -K

Orange juice, Caramel Cream frappucino with 2 shots of espresso, a butterscotch-roll (inspired from cinnamon roll I think), my favourite Vanilla Cream Frappucino with caramel syrup, and last but not least, a chocolate roll with sugar on top...

But do you guys know what else we have as a meal?

K noticed this on the wall of the cafe... Beautiful, right?

Around 1 o'clock, we went out of the cafe to get some lunch and I decided to try Papa Johns Pizza and it was delicious!

Next, we went to Jusco as K wants to do some shopping for her little brothers and sisters as she's going to Dubai this Saturday and meeting up with those kids who just spent their 2 weeks vacations in Paris. She bought them some cute bags from Girls, Giordano t-shirts, and Vincci shoes for her big sisters. She also bought a handbag for my other roommate, Imah as a going-away present as Imah will be going to Kuantan campus to pursue Biomedical Science.

We're done around 4 and though we were actually planning to do more studying after done with shopping, we decided to go back right away as we're already tired going here and there...

Alright, peeps! Going to continue to do some revisions on Pre-Calc. Wish me luck tomorrow!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


When I was in Kuantan campus, we don't have this club so for almost 2 years I was wondering when the club going to come to the campus and held some programmes. As far as I know, the club members was state-based which means all Sabahan are automatically a MISI member. But recently, they opened the club to all students of IIUM.

A good news I think cause I'm sure the club is looking for quality members who're willing to commit to the club rather than inactive members.

Now that I'm enrolling into this Main Campus, I finally got myself to be among its members. Well, though I haven't actually applied to be a member as I'm still considering about it.

Anyway, a friend of mine asked me to join this club and invited me to join a programme, English and Dakwah Camp Series 3: Educational Hearten Camp '11 which will be held in Sandakan, Sabah.

I was asked to be a committee but I preferred to be a facilitator instead. Since this is the very first programme with MISI Club, I think I'm gonna 'test-drive' first then I'll decide whether to join the club or not.


p.s.: for more information about the club, click MISI Club

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting the MagSafe

As you guys already know, my MagSafe (lappy adaptor) had burnt 3 days ago and only today I got some cash to buy a new one.

Since my bestie still at work and I kinda don't have the mood to just hang out with some strangers, I went to Machine (Apple Authorized Dealer) in KLCC by myself.

When I reached Machine, the sales person said the MagSafe were sold out. Disappointed and a bit of upset, I was planning to go to EpiCentre in Pavilion. But suddenly, while I was hovering over the iPad and looking for new accessories for my iPod, the sales person came to me and told me that the MagSafe has been re-stocked. Feeling lucky, I quickly went to the counter and asked for one. Tada!

...and then I went out of the shop and continue walking around the mall... and while I was rummaging through my bag looking for my wallet, I found The Coffee Bean's RM10 voucher and what a coincidence that the cafe was just in front of me... *heaven*

I ordered the Vanilla Ice-Blended and a Tiramisu cake! Yum! Yum! (too busy to take a snap or two though... )

When I'm done, I went down few levels and something caught my attention!

Big Harrods Bear is on duty! cute~

Kept walking and walking and suddenly I felt hungry... and I smelled Nandos!

~kyaaa!~ *Running towards the restaurant*

It's Wednesday and it's just 5 p.m. so there are not a lot of people inside the restaurant and as usual I picked table at the corner and started ordering...

...and while waiting for the main course, I had some appetizers first!

...and this is the main course... with the bottomless lemon iced tea... Let's dig in, everyone!

The preferred sauce! Extra HOT Peri Peri! Anyone dare to challenge me? muahahahaha!

After I'm done around 6, I was planning to check out one of my favourite bookstore in town - Kinokuniya, but my bestie called and 'ordered' me to go back to campus... But there's one more place to drop by before heading home...

Phew! After a very long line towards the counter, I bought almond pretzels and quickly walked towards the LRT Station, head back to Gombak Station and took a ride on Rapid bus to reach the campus...

*looking at my new MagSafe* ...sigh in relief...

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Ran Away From Home!

To be honest, indeed I have a lot of issues with my new roommate. But because I don't like pointing out things I don't like about other people, which obviously a mistake in this case, things just get ugly when I finally exploded when she just came up to me and provoked me the last question I want to hear right now.

"You got a problem with me?"

Obviously, I'm the one who was listening while she went on and on about me having problem with her. What came out from my mouth is all I want is for her to stay away from me. I know that is the least she would expect hearing from me cause I know how she'll react to that.

I cried. A lot.

Next thing I knew, I packed my notebooks and left the room. I was about to go to my best friend's room but instead I took Jeremy and planning to ride off our university. But suddenly, the moment I passed through the gate, it was raining heavily. I decided just to take a spin around the campus and finally headed down to the faculty where I'm having classes for the semester - Engineering faculty and parked in front of E05. I ran towards E01 and took elevator to the third floor where I'll be having my replacement Pre-Calculus class by 8 p.m. I looked at my watch, it was just 5 p.m.

I took out my iPod and started to listen to music. I took out my unfinished Pre-Calc notes and started to finish them.

I don't know what's happening actually. Why I'm so upset? I never runaway from a fight but I just did.

When I'm done with the class I headed back to my residency and went to my best friend's room with ice-cream, some junk foods I bought from the kiosk. Next thing I knew I just blurted every thing what happened to them, but I still felt the stuff in my chest. I went on with what I actually feel after 2 months in here and suddenly, I blurted "...the fact I'll never going back to Kuantan..."

..and then I stopped. That is what actually this was all about. I'm actually just trying to find reason not to like Gombak Campus. Childishly hoping  there'll be a way for me to be able to go back to Kuantan Campus and continue to be with my best friend and all my close friends.

So this isn't about my roommate? She actually played her role really well in making me realize my subconscious mind about this whole thing I'm going through in this campus with changing course and everything. I thought I was doing fine with good scores in quizzes and mid term exams recently but I did wonder why not even the slightest bit I feel happy about it. Why even after meeting so many good friends I had during the time I was in Foundation centre I still feel a big hole in my heart? Why even after meeting with all my state-mates and even though their number during this semester is only 1 quarter of the actual number but still triple the number of the ones that I had when I was in Kuantan?

Now I understand. This is the part of life where the post-teenage phase meets the adult phase. I think so. A teenage in me would go to my parents and ask them to make me stay in Kuantan Campus. A post-teenage in me will still try to delay the process but know that I'll eventually be in Kuantan again. But I think, the adult in me will stand up against all these thoughts and take the steps forward towards the big responsibilities and shoulder them on by myself.

Yep. I would prefer to think so.

Nice timing actually. The final week before the final exams. Now, I can focus on what I'm gonna do in order to get the minimum of B in my papers for me to boldly change my course to Pure Architecture from Applied Arts and Design Department after going through all those crazy moments I had while 'confronting' the AAD lecturer's questions during the interview.

whatever. whatever. I'll see you in next entry.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

19 Minutes Before I Died

well, not literally... Still, I only have 19 minutes left before my MacBook is going to be out of battery for the next.. I don't know... a week?

As most of Mac users know, the MagSafe adapter used to recharge MacBook is very poor in terms of durability. I found some users who replaced their adapters like 4 times a year. One adapter costs 100 USD = RM 299! Therefore, I'm still grateful for having to use mine since I bought this notebook in October 2009. Almost 2 years!

Anyway, I probably will go crazy (well, crazier I guess) for being unable to access the internet (no, I won't use the computer in the labs to update this blog while having the computer class!).

whatever. whatever. I'll see you in next entry that I hope to be as soon as possible.


It's Sunday, Everyone!

Yep! yet here I am.. sitting in a cafe in the middle of the campus...

As I'm gonna join this program called "English Hearten Camp '11" which is actually the 3rd series of program "English Dakwah Camp" under the club MISI...

I haven't actually made up my mind upon joining the club but when a friend suggested that I need to be around people some more.... So, here goes nothing...

Anyway... the program will be on 7th to 10th of July in a school located in Sandakan, Sabah... I'll be flying home on 4th and on 10th all the committees and facilitators i.e. me will be sent to foster homes to enjoy 2 nights with our given foster families...

Though I'm still at the "foster family" part... I begged the program manager for me to stay at our friend's home instead...

whatever. whatever. I'll update about the program soon...

Can't wait for this upcoming week to be over!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 Weeks Before Finals

So... the computer class is cancelled...

Whatever. Whatever.

a lot of things still need to be covered... Anyway.. I guess I can study Pre-Cala some more...

Friday, June 03, 2011

I Was Wrong

Yet, I stand corrected.

Yesterday probably one of those days that I act a little bit of drama queen... Well, can't blame me that much with all those crazy acts that I witnessed the day before yesterday?

Okay.. Enough with that...

Basically, after the class I sent in my stupid flyer and decided to have a little chit-chat with our instructor. All of a sudden, she was smiling. Despite the fact that she went a little overboard last Wednesday, I can tell that she didn't mean to act like that.

I tried to explain about what I've been through in Kuantan and the similarities of situations that I'd been through there and here with the total opposite of environments comparing both campuses... Anyway, I decided to go all the way.. I told her what the boys in my class (who will never going to grow up) were talking about her behind her back. Lots of other things...

I did see the wisdom behind the handwritten assignment actually but most of my classmates don't see that and just keep on complaining - even on stuffs that students NORMALLY have to do.

She told me stories of how she managed through the same situations when she was in the same level as I am right now and mentioned how to cope with the corrupted people around me...

It actually boils down on how you see them actually... Either you follow them and ended up being one of them, or you go with what your mind and heart says and just maybe, create your own group that at least shares the same mentality...

After clearing out some sort of misunderstandings between us, asked forgiveness for what I've done wrong, I left the lab with a smile.

Yep! I think I kinda went overboard with saying those things too... But here I am.. standing corrected. I know I was wrong for judging her after just 2 classes, and I really hope the upcoming classes will be as much fun as today's class. Now, I could really say I'm starting to enjoy this subject...

I admit it's almost natural for us to jump into being overly judgmental when we first encounter someone new around us but I think this attitude is inversely proportional to wisdom. The wiser we are, the better we are when it comes to judging person in short period.

Trying to adapt with the people around you isn't something bad as long as you're not planning on getting into something that can get you out of this university...

At this very beginning of your life in this campus, you should be wise enough to choose your friends, the ones you can hang out with, the ones you can study with, the ones you can have lunches and dinners with, the ones that you can turn to at times when you need a wise company...

Sometimes, when you meet someone that seems can fill your needs, beware... You might get something that you don't need...

Even if you think you can make the cut of being that kind of person, you'll realize that at some point of your life you'll be wondering what you're doing on that wrong side of the road...

P.S.: Careful Little E... You might just got into something that you don't want to...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Bad Day!

Wish I could just say it like that... but the fact that not only I'm upset about it.. gosh! I don't even know where to start... too upset with almost everything...

Totally not in the mood!

Anyway, I went out with my girls and my roommate.. Spent the evening in Wangsa Walk Mall...

Probably I'm just having a bad day... with the upcoming mid terms and quizzes... pressures are piling up and everything is just crazy...

Hopefully tomorrow I don't have much to take in for Calculus...

Hmm... God, please help me and guide me all along..

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Totally Unprofessional? Maybe

I had another Computer class today...

Basically, my class sessions are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. But I didn't attend the last Friday's session so I kind of missing something big.. Like really big... though I did mentioned (I did, right?) that this subject are going to be easy as I already did it back in Foundation Centre but I think I have to take it back... The subject is easy to catch but the instructor? No. Definitely.

So what did I missed? There was actually a group assignment given by the instructor and we need to submit on our previous class on Monday. You guys probably are wondering I should've asked my classmate about it during my Calculus class last Friday, but actually I did asked someone. Particularly someone who I worked with during our previous presentation. But she didn't mention ANYTHING about this group assignment.

On Monday, the instructor gave us another assignment which is to find definitions and terms that can be found scattered among the slides provided to us by our previous lecturer. We need to submit it together with the previous assignment. I was kinda panic a bit as I didn't do it together with my group so I quickly downloaded the instructions from the website and asked the instructor what are the modifications made during our previous class. But before I even work on it, she reminded me to finish up the assignment that she gave as for that session. Unfortunately, after I'm done with finding the terms and the definitions, the time was up and it's time to submit both of the assignments. I'm screwed. I thought so. So, I asked the group that I worked with during my previous assignment to include my name in their assignment. I did felt guilty and unfair as I didn't contribute anything but... I don't know... How am I supposed to come up with something in 5 minutes?

Actually, I was about to cancel on putting my name together with the group but I didn't. Obviously. Now that this had happened, I really think that I should've trusted my instinct during that time... I should've not include my name on it...

About the assignment? The assignment was more like exercise whereby we need to come up with flyers by using MS Word. There're formats we need to follow and I don't think we need to give attention too much on the content. I did glanced through the one that they worked on but I can see a lot of errors on it.. but there wasn't much of time to discuss it and I just let it go. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, right? But in this case, wrong.

What happened today? We had our first quiz on the first 2 chapters. I came a bit early so I did managed to go through the extra notes. I spent last night doing some revision, short notes and did some exercises from the reference book. We're given half an hour for the quiz and I finished it in less than 15 minutes.

The hell started here.

When we're done with the quiz, after she (the instructor) took all the papers, she sat in front of us. The boys were still talking to each other (as usual) and ignored her, totally. I noticed the change on her face expression and there I thought... this was it.. I think she's gonna explode...

She was talking about basics in acquiring the knowledge like respecting the teachers, coming early to classes and lots of other things, and then she went on talking about the things she expected us to become and went on with the simplicity of the previous group assignment. Then, she started to tear the papers that contained our assignments... She kept on talking and talking but I don't give a damn anymore. Especially when she arrived to my papers and ripped my handwritten assignment...

I was in total shock. I know this kind of lecturer exists among those in my future faculty but I assume their actions for rejecting students assignments i.e. projects over and over again and sometimes act a little bit of violent by literally thrashing the projects, are because of they want their students to be excellent and if possible really pushing them to their limits. But what I witnessed today is not something that we call educating. More like being unprofessional. Because she basically ripped ALL the assignments and I'm 100% sure that MY assignment on terms and definitions deserved better. Plus, it's just DEFINITIONS AND TERMS! What can possibly go wrong?

To be honest, I have my opinions about her that some I shared among my classmates and some I just keep it within my head. But as for classmates, they complained about her openly... and just maybe, she knows about that...

But what the hell! I was so devastated. I believe that in this level of institution, we all agree that to gain other's respect, we have to respect them first. I'm not saying that she have to treat us like her colleagues or the ones higher above her it's just that she should realize the fact that she's a lecturer, she should act by exemplary and showed some professionalism. Not just bashing people like that and merely read the presentation slides in the sessions. Not even do some explaining!

Wait up. I know that you did mentioned before that we're going to learn from each other but I'm sure this isn't the way of learning FROM each other. You're the adult here so why do I need to tell you of what to do?

Seriously... and what's with that saying "I can do whatever I want to do with your quiz marks!"? And the fact that I worked really hard on that quiz. You can say that it's just a piece of cake but what about how much this quiz means to me? My whole decision on changing to Architecture is depend on what I'm gonna get for my Computer hence this quiz! Do you even know how much my parents have to give up for sending me to this university?

Signing out!