Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wow. It's the end of the Semester!


I don't know what happened but 14 weeks really had passed by and soon 2012 will be gone too and what remains are nothing but memories.

Anyway, here I am sitting at some corner of a Starbucks cafe, working on my 2013 resolutions.

As for next year, I'm working a list of 25 things I need to improve. That's a long list for sure. But it's important. At least for me.

Aside from that, I'm gonna have 2 written exams, History and Theory of Architecture 1 will be on 29th of December and Building Construction and Material 1 will be on 2nd of January. Wish me luck on that. I really need to balance my CGPA cause I know I'm not doing well in my Architectural Design and Architectural Graphics.

Oh, 2 nights ago I watched Istanbul Aku Datang, starring Lisa Surihani, Shah Indrawan, and Beto Kusyairi. I'm a big fan of comedy romantic and of course Rafidah Abdullah - all 3R girls Lina and Tini as well. Oh, not forgetting Ngai Yuen. Wait, was it Melissa Maureen? I'm not sure.

Overall, the movie is... well, I have to admit, I don't watch Malay movies (except novel-based Lagenda Budak Setan, cause the cinematographer is awesome), okay I guess. Well, who doesn't love Istanbul? I love it so much! Skyfall had a scene in there. Taken 2 as well. So the setting is great for me. Plus Lisa's outfits throughout the movie is sweet. I love pastel colours and her dresses and with those heels! The scene where Lisa was running down the hill is definitely challenging part.

Beto's acting is well, how do I put this. He's effortless in the movie. Sweet and kind. His punch line "Jangan biadap!" which means don't be rude, is definitely something. haha the Asam Laksa scene! I laughed so hard.

So yeah, love the two in this movie. As for Shah Indrawan a.k.a. Tomok. Hmm. At first his acting is a bit stiff. Not much of facial expression. I don't know whether he was supposed to act like that but in my opinion his character needed to be explored more. (Like saying to myself regarding my design.)

All in all, I'd give 3.5 out 5 stars.

All right, I had to get back to my History revision. See you guys next entry!


P.S.: during the holiday, I'm gonna post some stuffs about what had happened throughout this semester. Some photos and other things.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Theme

I'm sick of the old theme so voila!
Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I love Japan. The country, the weather, the culture, the food. THE FOOD!

I could literally eat sushi everyday. Temaki as well. 

Can't wait to finish up my study and go there for a year or something! 
Screw Europe! Oh, okay. I promised my best friend a year in Europe. But I wanna live in Japan first then think about Europe. 

But one thing remain a mystery about Japan (to me) is the people. Never met a real Japanese though. Well, I have a Japanese-Pakistani roommate but she's been living in Malaysia for a long time now. She went there just to spend holidays with her grandmother. But I get the glimpse of the country and that's about it. 

I wonder if they're really like in those dramas I watched. Which of course to me will remain as dreams. 

But the real people. I wonder about that. 

I don't like those big cities. Yeah, a day or two in Tokyo is fine I think. But to live in there? No. Definitely. 

I want to see the country sides. Where they don't speak formal Japanese. Like in Osaka. 

Kyoto is a must visit place. I want to see those shrines. I want to understand the whole concept of zen. I'm not sure whether this is against the religion. But if I could translate the whole understanding and put it in Islamic perspective, isn't that something? I don't know to you but to me, yes!

Ah, Japan.