Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I love Japan. The country, the weather, the culture, the food. THE FOOD!

I could literally eat sushi everyday. Temaki as well. 

Can't wait to finish up my study and go there for a year or something! 
Screw Europe! Oh, okay. I promised my best friend a year in Europe. But I wanna live in Japan first then think about Europe. 

But one thing remain a mystery about Japan (to me) is the people. Never met a real Japanese though. Well, I have a Japanese-Pakistani roommate but she's been living in Malaysia for a long time now. She went there just to spend holidays with her grandmother. But I get the glimpse of the country and that's about it. 

I wonder if they're really like in those dramas I watched. Which of course to me will remain as dreams. 

But the real people. I wonder about that. 

I don't like those big cities. Yeah, a day or two in Tokyo is fine I think. But to live in there? No. Definitely. 

I want to see the country sides. Where they don't speak formal Japanese. Like in Osaka. 

Kyoto is a must visit place. I want to see those shrines. I want to understand the whole concept of zen. I'm not sure whether this is against the religion. But if I could translate the whole understanding and put it in Islamic perspective, isn't that something? I don't know to you but to me, yes!

Ah, Japan. 


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