Friday, November 09, 2012

Bearing with...

... Oh, bearing here refers to measuring one point to another using degrees, minutes and seconds. I'm talking about one of the topic discussed in Land Surveying subjects.

So yeah. Though I already took this subject last semester, I went along with Mimi, Syira and 2 other bros who are in the same group, Firdaus and the guy from Egypt, Ahmed Maged.

I don't have class in the evening so I guess why not?

We decided to do the bearing at in front of KAED building. It was really hot but we had fun! Sounds cliche but we really did. :)

Here's some photos...

During the briefing. The poles are used to mark the points. 

Girls! Focus, will ya?

Ahmed looks like some kung fu master with that. :p

When we're done we went to Tastebuds for lunch. At 4 p.m. I think. But we all were starving one thing for sure.

Aight. That's all. Enjoy your weekend. I won't be. T_T