Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Totally Unprofessional? Maybe

I had another Computer class today...

Basically, my class sessions are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. But I didn't attend the last Friday's session so I kind of missing something big.. Like really big... though I did mentioned (I did, right?) that this subject are going to be easy as I already did it back in Foundation Centre but I think I have to take it back... The subject is easy to catch but the instructor? No. Definitely.

So what did I missed? There was actually a group assignment given by the instructor and we need to submit on our previous class on Monday. You guys probably are wondering I should've asked my classmate about it during my Calculus class last Friday, but actually I did asked someone. Particularly someone who I worked with during our previous presentation. But she didn't mention ANYTHING about this group assignment.

On Monday, the instructor gave us another assignment which is to find definitions and terms that can be found scattered among the slides provided to us by our previous lecturer. We need to submit it together with the previous assignment. I was kinda panic a bit as I didn't do it together with my group so I quickly downloaded the instructions from the website and asked the instructor what are the modifications made during our previous class. But before I even work on it, she reminded me to finish up the assignment that she gave as for that session. Unfortunately, after I'm done with finding the terms and the definitions, the time was up and it's time to submit both of the assignments. I'm screwed. I thought so. So, I asked the group that I worked with during my previous assignment to include my name in their assignment. I did felt guilty and unfair as I didn't contribute anything but... I don't know... How am I supposed to come up with something in 5 minutes?

Actually, I was about to cancel on putting my name together with the group but I didn't. Obviously. Now that this had happened, I really think that I should've trusted my instinct during that time... I should've not include my name on it...

About the assignment? The assignment was more like exercise whereby we need to come up with flyers by using MS Word. There're formats we need to follow and I don't think we need to give attention too much on the content. I did glanced through the one that they worked on but I can see a lot of errors on it.. but there wasn't much of time to discuss it and I just let it go. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, right? But in this case, wrong.

What happened today? We had our first quiz on the first 2 chapters. I came a bit early so I did managed to go through the extra notes. I spent last night doing some revision, short notes and did some exercises from the reference book. We're given half an hour for the quiz and I finished it in less than 15 minutes.

The hell started here.

When we're done with the quiz, after she (the instructor) took all the papers, she sat in front of us. The boys were still talking to each other (as usual) and ignored her, totally. I noticed the change on her face expression and there I thought... this was it.. I think she's gonna explode...

She was talking about basics in acquiring the knowledge like respecting the teachers, coming early to classes and lots of other things, and then she went on talking about the things she expected us to become and went on with the simplicity of the previous group assignment. Then, she started to tear the papers that contained our assignments... She kept on talking and talking but I don't give a damn anymore. Especially when she arrived to my papers and ripped my handwritten assignment...

I was in total shock. I know this kind of lecturer exists among those in my future faculty but I assume their actions for rejecting students assignments i.e. projects over and over again and sometimes act a little bit of violent by literally thrashing the projects, are because of they want their students to be excellent and if possible really pushing them to their limits. But what I witnessed today is not something that we call educating. More like being unprofessional. Because she basically ripped ALL the assignments and I'm 100% sure that MY assignment on terms and definitions deserved better. Plus, it's just DEFINITIONS AND TERMS! What can possibly go wrong?

To be honest, I have my opinions about her that some I shared among my classmates and some I just keep it within my head. But as for classmates, they complained about her openly... and just maybe, she knows about that...

But what the hell! I was so devastated. I believe that in this level of institution, we all agree that to gain other's respect, we have to respect them first. I'm not saying that she have to treat us like her colleagues or the ones higher above her it's just that she should realize the fact that she's a lecturer, she should act by exemplary and showed some professionalism. Not just bashing people like that and merely read the presentation slides in the sessions. Not even do some explaining!

Wait up. I know that you did mentioned before that we're going to learn from each other but I'm sure this isn't the way of learning FROM each other. You're the adult here so why do I need to tell you of what to do?

Seriously... and what's with that saying "I can do whatever I want to do with your quiz marks!"? And the fact that I worked really hard on that quiz. You can say that it's just a piece of cake but what about how much this quiz means to me? My whole decision on changing to Architecture is depend on what I'm gonna get for my Computer hence this quiz! Do you even know how much my parents have to give up for sending me to this university?

Signing out!
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