Sunday, October 09, 2011

Drawings! Drawings!

....and drawings! So far, I'm kind of happy with my pens and pencils... I'm hoping that colouring would be awesome, too!

We basically spent 2 weeks on pens and pencils media. We sketched, doing some renderings and shadings, got to pick random objects as sketching subjects and most of all, we got to play with different techniques.

it's very important to improve each and everyday. We literally need to go outside of our comfort zone as easy drawings means easy marks. More details means more challenges. Thus, the more challenges, the more we'll learn.

I can't really draw and that's true which is why I have to work harder! Been walking around the campus more than usual as I need to find inspirations everyday.

People, objects, scenes, and lots of other things.

I need to keep myself in the game right now... I haven't gone out for movies for like... I don't even remember! The last movie was... Fright Night! It was 3 weeks ago! Take me more than 5 minutes to remember... 

Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next week Graphic Communication class as we'll be learning about colours.

Until then, take care!