Monday, October 17, 2011

Awesome Weekend!

Well, the previous 3 days was just crazy! With my parents and lil' bro in KL, my big bro and his pre-fiance came down to meet us all at Seri Pacific Hotel. 

On Saturday, their flight arrived at 10 in the morning and I arrived at the hotel like 12 p.m. after meeting up with Kak Ida at KL Sentral. That night, we all went out to have dinner (and LOTS of snacks) literally everywhere! Most of the time me and mum just talked about lots of things - about this semester in Gombak campus, the start of studio  and everything, while my big and lil' bro just went out to other places around KL. 

On Sunday, we went to Times Square, did a little shopping (finally I got myself a backpack! Bought one from Body Glove) and had Papa Johns pizza afterwards. Back in hotel, mum and decided to just chill out there so me and my cousin went to The Mall, right in front of the hotel and checked out some hot sales in Adidas warehouse at second level. I grabbed some socks and a bottle water. I can't spend so much as I know tomorrow I'm gonna spend a lot! Yep! 

Finally, today, me and my parents went to Taman Melawati West Star Art Shop to get all the stuffs I need for my Graphic Communication subject. Colours, designer portfolio bag, drawing protectors, T-squares, sketch books and lots of other things. The thing about this trip is, it's not that I can't just the get the money from them and go myself but there was this once that I went to the shop and saw some girls with their parents, so.... Yeah, kinda lil' jealous over there... 

Around 12 p.m. my parents sent me back to campus and off to the airports after that. 
feeling down while walking back to Mahallah, a friend called me and asked if I want to join her and some other friends to have lunch in the campus. So yeah.. I said to myself that time, that instead of feeling sad and whatnot, I decided to be awesome! hahaha :D.. Yeah, Barney! Right back at cha'!

My room is just bit crazy right now with so many things on the floor, on the bed and of course on the table. Yup1 Let's get some shelves, shall we?

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