Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not-Wordless Wednesday

I woke up like 6 this morning and went for a walk literally around the campus i.e. no shortcuts. It was great. I feel great. Fresh air in the morning is one of my favourite thing. Though we were walking side by side, me and K didn't talk so much as we kinda retreated to our own thoughts.

I snapped this while catching my breath. Seems familiar to you? This path holds special memory to me.

Guess where is this? Correct answers will get choki-choki sticks from me. =)
Then around 9 in the morning, I went to library level 4 to do some community service - Math tutoring for the first few chapters. FYI, this is just personal tutoring, definitely not under SLEU. I'm not that good to be a qualified tutor... hehe

Had lunch around 1 afternoon and decided to finish my pattern design. Love the turned out. The theme is 'Graduation'. Yeah, thanks to the still ongoing Convest'11. :)

Around 2.30, I went to KAED, Tutorial Room 10 where I had my only second (this is the fifth week, people!) Introduction to Built Environment class. Overall it was fine as we're still in general topics. Lots of global issues were brought in and the class went to discussion-mode like 80% of the the whole time. This happens a lot in merely 8-students class, that's why.

After the class, I went for my dinner alone in Mahallah's cafe and only around 9 p.m., I started colouring my pattern. 

Looking at the half-way coloured paper.... yeah, yeah... I'm coming~

That's all people! 
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