Monday, October 10, 2011

Of Poetry Recitation and Sketchbook

A friend of mine texted me yesterday just to make sure that today I'm coming for her poetry recitation in the ground-stage in the middle of centre area of the campus at exact 12 noon.

As per usual, I slept around 4 this morning and woke up around 11.30. Another text came in and I was very sure it's her. It is her. Took a quick shower, put on the nearest baju kurung and yesterday's scarf. Haha. I know I'm already late and the fact that I promised to come, just keeps on nagging me every single second on my way to the place.

Fortunately, I arrived exactly right before she recite her poem.

It was lovely. Really.

Damn, it was 12 something noon! But before I headed towards the HS Cafe Dry area, a poet caught my attention. According to some friends, she's a lecturer from Human Science Faculty, teaching literature. She's awesome! Check out her blog here!

Only after that I decided to get out of the hotness and went directly into the shop and grab the big orange juice and some paper cups to share with them. There, I met Za'a who was in the middle of the crowd who was waiting for Belle. We chatted for a bit but minutes after that when I turned back towards where my friends earlier were standing, they're gone. I shrugged and turned away.

There, Belle was standing, and we both thirsty. We grabbed seats and enjoyed the drinks I bought earlier and few friends were coming too. It's their rezeki, I guess.

I decided to hang out some more and thus pulled out my sketchbook and some pencils. I did some sketching and only around 3 I think, K called me to go to the Choc Fair.

We met up at Azman Hashim Building and walked towards the KAED Gallery. There are stalls set up even outside the gallery but we directly went inside. We were greeted with Strawberry Chocolate and of course, the choc fondue.

Alright, for the rest of the story, let these pics do the talking.

All in all, it was fun. Chocolates are literally everywhere! Even an anti-choc like me find this event quite amusing let alone those choc-maniacs!

Alright, I think that's all for now... I'll see you guys on next entry.

Signing out!


P.S.: Though it might sound lame a bit, it was the first time of my life of seeing the actual chocolate fondue with my two eyes. True story.

Looking back to the title of this post. Huh?
Should've been "Of Poetry Recitation and Chocolate Fair" though.. heehee
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