Sunday, July 10, 2011

EHC '11 Last Day

When I woke up this morning, I was so excited like the first day I got into this school. After packing up my things, I left the room and headed down towards the school assembly area. We had our final Break Bone session and it was fun!

After that, we all went to the Operation Room for our final module with the kids which is Sharing Moment. We talked about lots of things regarding the future, of where we’re going after this, of which paths we want to take after this, and so on. There were also the presentations of the arcs that they made earlier and some requests were made for the facilitators to come in front and talk about themselves. 

To be honest, I am kind of surprised to see Bugis people over here are so... How do I put it? Comfortable? Among other people in here. Being majority certainly cause them to act like that I’m sure. Because in my place, when I was in primary school, Bugis people don’t really mingle with us and vice versa. I don’t really have much to say on this matter as I’m 1/8 Bajau, 1/8 Kadazan, 1/8 Brunei, 1/8 Dayak, 1/8 Suluk, 1/8 Indian, 1/8 Sungai and 1/8 Bugis. But then, since I went to SMK. Benoni for 4 years, I kind of fluent in Brunei dialect. 

Anyway, we’re finished around 10 a.m., and headed down back to Assembly area and lined up according to groups. It’s time for Explorace!

For the explorace, the facilitators joined their kids and went around the school, stopping by at every checkpoint and they need to solve every problem or do any task given by the assigned committees at the checkpoints. 

I managed to join my kids like half of the checkpoints as I have to leave early. At Bro. Airul’s checkpoint, the kids were required to find a coin and after that they were given a situation where one of the member of the group met with an accident (God Forbid!) and imagine his or her injuries and wrapped the injured part with given toilet papers. It’s quite funny to see the girl when the kids finally done wrapping her! 

Next checkpoint was Bro. Pok Cik’s checkpoint, where they were given a task of going around a circle with and egg was put in the middle of ropes that were stretched and held by every member of the group. They had to do it with their backs on it and Darman lead them all to the end of the circle. They were given next hint that brought them to the next checkpoint, where  Sr. Imah and Sr. Tiqah were waiting.

At this checkpoint, we have to play charades. Fahmi is quite a champ in it! But before that, the kids were required to give out their best yell they have.  After that, the kids were given next tas to find a guy with his looks being described on a piece of paper to give them the next hint of the next checkpoint. 

The guy is our Bro. Syafiq. He’s a fun person and the kids were having some crazy moments while chasing over him. Even while we were on our way to other checkpoints, I could see other kids who were running from many directions, trying to catch him as he literally ran up and down the school buildings. Nice play, Syafiq! You’re so awesome for being able to do that! If I were you, I probably died somewhere before all the kids can get their clues. LOL

Around 11 a.m., Lala came to pick me up to the bus station. I was so sad as I can’t accompany my kids to their finishing lines and join them this evening for the closing ceremony. But what can I do? Dad won’t allow me to arrive in KK more than 6 p.m. 

Lucky me, while I was literally dragging my luggages  to the cafeteria where Lala parked her car, the kids bent their paths to the next checkpoint slightly to give me hugs and said their goodbyes. All I did was just wishing them good luck for their exams and hope I could see them once again in future.

As Lala drove me to the bus terminal, we had some conversation of what had happened in the main hall yesterday, (you guys know what I’m talking about, right?) and among other things are the reasons why I left GAPS back in matric during my second year. We reached the terminal around 12 p.m., and my lil’ (well, not so little anymore as he towered at near 6 feet tall!) cousin was waiting for me to give me Dad’s favourite spicy shrimp sambal. Thank God we reached there on time as  found out the bus actually depart at 12 not 12.30 p.m.! I quickly hopped into Lala’s car and she drove me to other side of the road and caught up with the bus. Thanks a lot sweetie!

After I settled down in my seat, I just realize I was still in my sport attire with my name tag around my neck. Oh, well... I decided to wear them along the journey. Weird, huh? A guy with dirt all over him was sitting at the back of the bus was much weirder. 

I had a stop by at the usual spot and the grabbed my usual - 100 plus and some chips and climbed back onto the bus right after that. 

I arrived at the bus terminal around 6 p.m. and I saw Dad’s Prado parked in front of it. I called Mum and she said they were having some drinks at the opposite cafe. I went there and ordered another 100 Plus. I was so exhausted as I couldn’t stand and talked straight anymore. Everything was a blur and when we’re ready to go back, I almost took the cafe’s cup with me.

When we got home, I took a shower and though it’s just 8 p.m., I fell asleep in my brother’s air-conditioned room. Mine’s not, so... 
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