Saturday, July 02, 2011

Alone At Last

After finishing my final paper yesterday, even after waking up from a straight 10 hours of sleep, I still feel exhausted. Boy, I wonder if I can handle all those sleepless nights in future...

Anyway, from morning to evening, I have done nothing other than laying on bed watching How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. After watching like 6 hours straight, then I felt hungry. I went to the cafe but nothing seems interesting so I just grabbed some chips and more junk foods from the kiosk.

Around 8 o'clock, I went to KL Sentral to send my roommate, K who'll be flying 2 a.m. later. We took a cab straight to KL Sentral and I think I kinda regret for sitting at the front seat as I have to listen to some perverts talking to the taxi driver.

When we arrived at KL Sentral, K bought the KLIA express train ticket which will be going straight to KLIA. We were so grateful for being able to check in her huge luggages at the emirates counter at the opposite of the ticket counter.After checking in, the guy gave K luggage tags and attach them at her luggages. I asked if I can get those too and he gave me one right away! Aww! He's so nice!

Then, we head down to the Coffee Bean cafe to get some cakes and sat down at the sitting area in front of the ticket counter... While eating our cakes from the sane box, some guys were looking at us and K said something that almost made me choked myself.

"Feels like old married couple, don't you think?"

When we're done, I walked with K towards the boarding area and after promising each other to stay update on Facebook, we hugged and I waved a huge goodbye.

Felt a slightly heavy heart on my chest, I walked towards the LRT station and took a train home after grabbing some French fries from McDonald.

I reached the campus around 11 and when I got myself in the room, I noticed no one else in the room.

Alone at last. It didn't surprise me to be the last one to leave the room but I was kinda... How do I put this...

Sad? Maybe. Lonely. Definitely.

Whatever. Whatever. I think I'm going to bed now. I'll start packing maybe tomorrow.

Can't wait to be home.