Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Transformer 3



Alright! Maybe some of you are wondering why in the world this post is dated on 5th of July though it premiered in Malaysia on 30th of June? Because I promised my lil bro to save it until I flew home and watch it together in 3D at the latest 3D hall in town.

Anyway, as you guys already know, the movie is 2 and a half hour. Though it's freaking long but for me, every single scene is breath-taking and heart-pumping. We're the big fans of Jerry Bruckheimer's Transformer movies so we can't really find the flaws in it. Yep! I heard some of the negative critics about the movie, but I guess I'm a little bit bias, so...

The CGIs are amazing and the new girl, Rosie Huntington-Whitely...Though I do have a thing about British, well... can't say I didn't miss Megan Fox.

Move on to the music, well... As usual, I expect my all-time favourite band - Linkin Park gonna give more sparks to the film and they did. The music video is directed by Joe Hahn and I would like to say, Mr. Hahn, you're awesome! ...and of course, the score! Like the previous 2 movies, Steve Jablonsky did the score very well!

"Iridescent" was heavily used throughout the movie and it was used for the end credit together with "Monster" and "Many of Horror". "All That You Are" was played while Sam at work.

Here are the track list for the album:

  1. "Iridescent" by Linkin Park
  2. "Monster" by Paramore
  3. "The Only Hope For Me Is You" by My Chemical Romance
  4. "Faith (When I Let You Down)" by Taking Back Sunday
  5. "The Bottom" by Staind
  6. "Get Thru This" by Art of Dying
  7. "All That You Are" by Goo Goo Dolls
  8. "Head Above Water" by Theory Of A Deadman
  9. "Set The World On Fire" by Black Veil Brides
  10. "Awake and Alive (The Quickening - Rock Radio Remix)" by Skillet
  11. "Just Got Paid" by Mastodon
  12. "Many Of Horror" by Biffy Clyro (iTunes deluxe edition)
  13. "The Pessimist" by Stone Sour (iTunes deluxe edition)
  14. "Goodbye - Gate 21 (Rock Remix)" by Serj Tankian Feat. Tom Morello (iTunes deluxe edition)
  15. "Lifelong Dayshift" by Middle Class Rut (GameStop edition)
  16. "Graveyard Dancing" D.R.U.G.S. (GameStop edition)
and the score, composed by Steve Jablonsky and some by Matthew Margeson:

  1. "Dark Side of the Moon"
  2. "Sentinel Prime"
  3. "Lost Signal"
  4. "In Time You'll See"
  5. "Impress Me"
  6. "We Were Gods Once"
  7. "Battle"
  8. "There Is No Plan"
  9. "We All Work for the Decepticons"
  10. "The Fight Will Be Your Own"
  11. "Shockwave's Revenge"
  12. "No Prisoners, Only Trophies"
  13. "The World Needs You Now"
  14. "It's Our Fight"
  15. "I'm Just the Messenger"
  16. "I Promise"
  17. "Our Final Hope"
Overall, though Mr. Bruckheimer said this is gonna be the final installment of Transformers from him, I'm still going to look forward for the next Transformer movie.

It's an awesome experience and hell yes I'm gonna do full Transformer marathon when the Blu-Ray disc gonna come out around October later.

Alright, peeps! Now I can go and pack the things I'm gonna take to my first program with MISI Club starting tomorrow.

P.S: heard that at the the end of October last year, while on the set, the Camaro was severely damaged. As if talking to Bumblebee, "Bee, are you okay?"

Signing out!