Thursday, July 07, 2011

EHC '11 Day 2

It’s a great morning and I woke up around 6.30 a.m., took a shower and started to pack my things. Went down to cafeteria for breakfast around 7.30 a.m. We had fried noodles and fried eggs.

It’s been a real while since I joined programmes and this feeling, the warmth and friendly atmosphere was just nice. 

Then, after the breakfast, I joined a table of conversation between Bro. Airul, Jijah, Bro. Aziz, and Bro. Fadzil, the four aces of this programme. It’s a must to discuss the flow of the programme every now and then just to make sure everything’s going smooth and everyone’s synched with the same things that have been scheduled earlier and confirmed any changes. Any adjustments made to the whole schedule of the day was being made after all of them agreed to accommodate to each other’s roles and tasks given. 

I could see a little chemistry among them and hopefully this chemistry will lasts until the end of the programme. 

At 7.50 a.m., all of us were locked and loaded and after making sure nothing was left in the room, we went down to the lounge area and waited for other people to gather together for a mini photo shoot session. 

While waiting, we’re required to sign our name at the visitor record at the reception and after that Jijah, acting as the Assistant Programme Manager, called everyone and gave us a little briefing before heading towards the school. 

After the photo shoot session, we hopped into the bus and as usual, a brother came out and recite a prayer for our safety throughout this journey of merely less than 15 minutes. 

When we got there, some students were waiting for us together with the school’s counsellor.

We waited at in front of the Dining Hall as our rooms being prepared by the dormitories staffs. 

After we’re done settling ourselves in the room, we headed towards the school’s cafeteria before gathering in the school’s workshop area that is going to be our Operation Room throughout this programme. I managed to grab some drinks. Oh, heaven!
When we’re already gathered in the Operation Room, the counsellor was invited to give some welcoming speech and then Bro. Aziz, our Programme Manager came out and gave us some information about the school itself. He revealed that he’s actually the alumni of the school. 

After that, we proceeded with the induction course where all the committees gathered with the Programme Manager and all of us, the facilitators gathered with out Head Facilitator, Bro. Fadzil. 

About the induction course, it was when we’re all briefed thoroughly about the modules we’re going to use throughout this programme. 

Basically, we’re going to have various educational games, all in English just to show the kids that English can be fun. (A lot for me when I was in their age! I actually joined the school debate team, the drama club, the public speaking, and I even joined English club society as an underground member as I’m also the Assistant Head of SETIA Club.)

I’ll explain the modules in details when I got to use them later with kids, okay! But before we continue the briefing, all the facilitators were assigned into partners except me. I preferred to handle my group alone. 

We stopped around 1.30 p.m. for a lunch. The catering committees haven’t arrive yet so we have to finance our dining needs in the school cafeteria by ourselves. I don’t mind though as the dishes served are at least edible. Just kidding. They were fine. The nice orange juice just topped everything. 

After lunch, some of us went back to the Operation Room while some of us went back to our room for Zuhur prayer. 

At the Operation Room, me and some girls were having a little conversation about me changing from a quite a Windows enthusiast to a passionate Mac user. MacBook versus Windows OS-based laptops and notebook, iPhone versus BlackBerry, and not forgetting the latest iPad. 

Around 2 p.m., all of us were invited to the school’s meeting room for a lunch with some of the school’s staffs. What? We just had our lunch! Thus, just to show some courtesy, we went there and hang out with other committees who’re helping themselves with food served. Meanwhile, I went out and took some pictures of the school’s building. 

Managed to catch some architectural perspectives. 

After that, all of us went back to the Operation Room and had a briefing from Bureau of Dakwah and Information, lead by Bro. Syau. 

Then, we continued with a little bit on the modules and around 5 p.m., we’re done and went back to our rooms respectively. 

In the room, my friend Sofy had arrived from Tawau, still fresh from previous programme. We chatted and caught up with each other’s stories while unpacking our stuffs. Feeling all sweaty and exhausted, I decided to take a shower even before I’m done with packing. 

Around 8 p.m., we gathered at the Operation Room again to finish up the modules’ briefing.

We also discussed the kinds of performances that will be performed by the kids on the Islamic Night. I actually don’t really get it why some people favour making rhymes rather than performing a choral speaking. It is much easier but for me choral speaking is so much fun especially when involving school kids. Well, what can I say. With the time constraint and everything, maybe rhymes are better. 

After we’re done, all facilitator met up with their partners and as for me, I just picked a ‘cool’ spot and sit down with my MacBook and started to synched all the modules into my iPhone. Planning for some games out of modules just to  hype up the kids later. 

We went back to our rooms around 11 p.m. and after preparing the stuffs tomorrow, I climbed up to bed and prayed for everything’s going to be fine tomorrow. 
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