Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeremy Is Here!

After waiting for 2 weeks before he can be transferred and another 5 days cause he was stuck here and there, he's finally here! When I saw him after 5 months, I thought I can just be cool when we finally met. But I just can't help myself. I kiss him. People were looking but I don't really care. I just smiled happily.

I took my keys out and just ride him right away. I felt a little bit of uneasy at first but I think I'll do just fine. The ride back to campus was easy. Though I actually googled the fastest directions from there to here, but when I finally on road with him, I just felt it in me. As if I've been here since forever. I looked at the sign boards from time to time and when I got into the campus, I was smiling again. To be honest, even though this is just simple and effortless, I could see the glimpse of freedom everywhere I go. I like this feeling. As if everything that burdens me just been lifted off my shoulders.

As if I could go on like this forever.

I don't have to worry about walking around the campus anymore.

Because he's here. Jeremy is here.

People ask me a lot why don't I get myself a car instead. Well, it's not that my family can't afford it for me but it's not just the time yet. When the time come for me to get a car, I want it to be a special moment and If I could I want to pay using my own money. But for now, I'm with him.

Jeremy represents a lot in me. The me in here. A student in a university. He just fits me in everything. In a way he is a part of me.

Been thinking a lot of what I'm gonna do with him. I'm gonna go around and check out places around the campus area. See if there's a place that I could use as a place to hang out with him.

Hope he's fine out there. Too tired to walk myself from the roofed-parking lot to my room so I leave him right outside my block.

Sleep, well! =D I'll see you in the morning.