Thursday, May 19, 2011

Class Is Cancelled!

What is it in the world that I hate the most?


and then comes fever.

and then canceling an appointment with me.

So, when you promise to have an appointment with me,

#1 - don't be late
#2 - don't you ever cancel on me! Especially when I'm already at the promised location.
#3 - please use your common senses when it comes to look presentable in front of me. I don't mind if you wear cheap or expensive stuffs but make sure they are clean and I would really appreciate it if you smell good. No need to use expensive perfumes as smelling fresh and clean is more than enough.

Back to the real situation over here.... My lecturer just cancelled our classes throughout this week. Meaning that we have to do make-up classes. Meaning I have to double the schedule for next week. Meaning I'm gonna have at least 3 quizzes. Meaning I'm so DAMN angry!

Whatever. Whatever.

since all my girlfriends gonna be back home in Singapore this weekend, I think I'm gonna have movies marathon + shopping + clubbing + gym-ing ALONE... T_T

See you guys next week!

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