Thursday, September 01, 2011

Third Day of Eid

Yep! It's the third day of Eid and finally my big bro is off duty and already here in the house after we fetched him from the airport around 7 this evening. I haven't seen him since last May so yeah, I kinda miss him.

First day of Eid, I just spent the whole day with my family at home, cooking the whole morning and served our guests the whole evening. Mom cooked meat soup with mee hoon together with chicken Rendang (chicken with herbs and spices), and I prepared the Batik cake, chicken curry, while Dad bought us some lemang and traditional kuih 'lamban' (steamed glutinous rice wrapped in leaves - these are eaten with spicy nut sambal). Not really tiring as we were done by 5 p.m. and went to my relatives' houses after that. But I turned in to bed around 8 I guess.

Second day of Eid which is yesterday was even crazier than the first day as we had more guests. Most of them are my Dad's friends from his old workplace and their families. I didn't get a chance to even step out of the kitchen. Our special for the day was the stuffed squid. This was the second time I prepared them. This year, I added extra ingredient which is black pepper to the stuffings. Bit aromatic but still inviting. Well, for me at least. We were done by 9 I think so after cleaning up the kitchen, we wrapped for the day.

Anyway, after two days of cooking, today me and Mom decided to prepare simple dishes for our guests today as we're very much exhausted. I even slept with my Baju Kurung yesterday.

Lots of things happened, and I got to meet with my cousins from other parts of Sabah. But I still think that Eid this year has not yet meet to my expectation to be as grand, as busy, and as crazy as 2008 Eid. Eid that year was a total blast. With fireworks! lol

Though it's just third day... Let's hope for more interesting things to happen...

Right now, I'm trying to pack my essentials as we're going to Sandakan tomorrow at dawn. Dad's driving so I got nothing to worry.

That's all for now so I'm signing out!