Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mini Break

Right now I'm at home. In Sabah! :D

I know it's only one month before we gonna have the final exam but there's gonna engagement party that there's no way I can miss it! It's my brother's, that's why!

Speaking of which, I just came back from buying so many stuffs for the hantaran things. We, the groom side will be sending 7 trays of it and of course the bride side will be giving 9 trays in respond to that.... Oh! I have to fetch the groom from the airport tomorrow, too!

Tomorrow I'm gonna be busy for the decorating part and I'll be meeting with some photographers and the invitation card designer so hopefully things will be nice smooth as I don't wanna have more headaches... Plus, I still have to do some heavy research on traditional Japanese houses as for the GC assignment, and maths trigonometry is killing me, people! ugh! IBE is definitely NoT helping as there are lots of things I have to read...

Any who ! The engagement party is on Saturday and I'm gonna have to settle things for the wedding arrangements at least on Sunday... Cause on Monday I'll be flying back to KL..

Until then, good bye November, and Hello December!

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