Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dal.Komm Coffee, Suria KLCC

After going through 2 weeks of craziness at work, I decided to take a week off with my parents to KL, accompanying my dad while mom was meeting her friends. Of course, I can't just ditch dad and off to my friends so we spent some quality time, walking around Suria KLCC, doing some shopping... only at the end of that day I realized it's like when I'm hanging out with my girlfriends. :D

We took a break at this Korean cafe instead of our usual spots i.e. Starbucks and the place is called Dal.Komm Coffee. If you didn't know, dalkom means sweet in Korean. 

The concept of this cafe is a combination of a coffee place and a music lounge. I wonder if they're doing live bands or something.

The counter for you to place your order. The clean design is nice to look at but I don't see continuity of its design to the floor of the mall. I would have extend a wooden floor about a meter or so outside of the counter.

They're selling official merchandise of the cafe as well. There are tumblers and water bottles available for purchase. The mint bottle is cute though!

The girl at the counter is really friendly. It's easy to place order and you can ask them for recommendations. 

You can see the latest offer at in front of the register. They're having Christmas-themed beverages as well. 

The one thing that caught my eyes are these speakers! I don't know if they're functioning or just for decoration. 

Now, let's get on to what I've ordered! I decided to start with the basics i.e. the things I always wanted to try in any Korean cafe so I ordered a Green Tea latte and as I wanted to have an iced drink, I ordered the ice-blended version.

I was totally not expecting that it'll appear like that. When it comes to latte, it goes without saying that people usually are expecting a latte art but not this one. The green tea taste is less strong compared to the ones I've had in October Cafe.

The ice-blended version is not much as I wanted it to be. The taste is quite bland but it's probably because I'm used to Starbucks Green Tea frappucino. It's definitely focusing on the green tea flavour but the milk seems overpowering the taste a little bit so they should have provided an option for the customers to have low fat milk.

The Green Tea cake! I'm obsessed with the taste of this! I don't know how they do it but the green tea taste is so nice. It's not to sweet but the aftertaste isn't bad at all. If you love Green Tea, this is worth to check out.

As for the cheesecake, the taste is quite common to me but dad really like cheese so... the texture is similar to the Green Tea cake we had earlier. It's too sweet to my liking.

Overall, it's a nice cafe just to hang out. I haven't taste their coffee as we're on no-coffee ban for the time being but yes, I'd love to come again.

I heard there are other dal.kom coffee branches in the Selangor so do let me know your experiences by leaving comments down below.

Until next post, annyeong~
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