Friday, November 04, 2016

App Review | SweetSpot Mobile

Have you seen this mini signboard in Starbucks before? I just did today when I went to Starbucks cafe in Imago KK Times Square.

After asking the barista at the counter, turned out all you need is to download the SweetSpot Mobile app on your smartphones and connect your VISA credit or debit card. 
I'm not gonna go in-depth with how to connect your cards as I want to highlight the feature of this app that can affect your experience while using the app but one thing for sure, before connecting your VISA card, do make sure that you already enabled your card VISA for online transaction. I'm not talking about online banking here but you know the kind of transaction where you use CVV number at the back of your card and you'll be requested to give MSOS number sent to your registered phone number.

First, when you sign up in the app (it's so easy to navigate) you're gonna need to manage your interest so the app will tell you the nearest 'surprises' available in your area. 

I forgot to snap the offer for the Starbucks Frappucino for RM5, and once you used it, it's not listed in your 'surprises' i.e. offer list anymore. 

At Starbucks there's this QR code for you to scan when asked the place you're gonna redeem your Starbucks frappucino. Just make sure your camera is functioning!

Then just follow through the steps until you get to this page. You'll be given the code for you to provide to the barista.

You can also track your purchases made via the app via Purchase History so you won't be surprises to see the balance in your bank account. hehe

Voila! To be perfectly honest, I never ordered a Tall size as it's only RM2 difference to Venti. But I already had 50% of my sugar quota of the day so I guess going Tall is befitting the other 50% quota left. 

This app is definitely a plus on those days I forgot to bring cash with me (which happens a lot!) and it's really convenient to pay using this method. But I guess it's not a harm if it's in small amount. Big transactions probably not suitable hence Starbucks and other food and beverages stores like Wendy's and Kenny Roger's already joined in with the app. 

Do check out about the app here (iPhone) and here for more info!

Until next post, au revoir!