Thursday, January 05, 2017

New Year Dinner at Sushi King, Suria Sabah

Few days ago, I kicked off the year of 2017 with my favourite dish from Sushi King which is Black Pepper Udon and filled myself up with a bowl of mushroom soup. Of course, the Japanese way. 

Though I noticed they actually reduced the black pepper in this one so I'm actually kind of disappointed. Still, the taste is the same just less spicy. Oh, it actually came with cutlets of deep fried chicken so please excuse its "disappearance". :P

I was gonna get some snack or something but the mushroom soup seems nice to just balance my dinner. Ever since living in the rent house, I'm somewhat influenced by my housemates whom always eat with watery dish like this one. 

Yesterday, I decided to have another dinner at the restaurant so this time I went with Sashimi and Tenpura Set that comes with raw salmon, prawns, chicken and vegetable tenpura. Of course, it's a set that includes white rice and miso soup. 

As it's a new year, I just had to get the new membership card which also comes in 2 designs like last year. I honestly think that these are the nicest design they have so far and I've been a loyal customer since 2006.

They also changed the benefit for this year. Members are no longer entitled to 10% discount off their bills but now they're giving out RM1 vouchers for every RM10 that you spent excluding GST and Service charges so you can accumulate and use for your next visit to the restaurant.

I wish they came out with new menu as it's gonna be Lunar New Year soon. I guess that's all for now. I'll see you guys next post. jyaa ne~
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