Friday, April 15, 2016

First Week On the Job

Wow.. I haven't update this blog for more than 2 years? That's not fair. Reason why I'm trying my best to divide my blogging time into several other blogs - my personal blog, my beauty blog, my architectural blog, and this then-university life blog so I guess it's official that this blog has become my work blog. 

I won't be posting stuffs like you might want to open a Law dictionary in order to digest certain things I do but instead I'll be posting about what I've gone through throughout the time I'm working here in this electrical and mechanical company working as Administrative Assistant. 

The story of how did I get this job is truly the simplest one you might heard. My dad is the partner in business with my current boss. So, I actually have my dad as my boss. Sounds great one might say but I dare not as my dad is probably one of the most impossible person to work with I ever know in my life. 

I swear to God I'm not trying to make my dad look bad, I promise. The reason I said that it is definitely because my dad is very particular on so many things, has his own style of relaying messages that sometimes I feel like he's been living in other planet for quite some time, being inconsiderate of my feelings for most of the time, hardly listen when I complain, and lots and lots of other things you can't even imagine. 

But all these cray cray things he do when we talk about work has taught me one thing for sure and that has made me if not a better person than I was, slightly improved in terms of handling client. 

All the crazy things he do has made me more calm whenever I encounter an overly fussy customer which is actually the most common type of client you see in our field of business. 

The pressure is there of course but the way my dad treats me has made me better at handling my stress. 

If you're familiar with how contractor works, then you could probably can imagine the stress when you're working on governmental contracts. It's much more cray cray I can say. Sorry I can't find a better words as my mind is definitely off watching a movie in my head as I'm listening to movie soundtracks right now. haha

So yeah, that's all about it hopefully for now. Having Internet access during the lunch hour is definitely a plus. I hate eating lunch downstairs after having pasta on the first day, merely vegies on my second day, KFC on my third day (don't tell mum) and since I bought bunch of cookies and biscuits from supermarket next block, I feel so lazy to climb down and up 6 flight of stairs merely for lunch. 

I'll see you guys next post!