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is a place where I'm gonna post stuffs about the happenings throughout my undergrad life as a student of International Islamic University Malaysia. Events, programmes, or anything related to my life as a student here, I'll be writing about them.

For learning materials as a KAEDian and events or programmes related to the faculty i.e. Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design, IIUM, I will post them in

I started using blogspot.com as the main portal to blog since 2008 and I have different blogs under different names. Lots of people ask me why am I doing this? Simple. Because I tend to organize things and I do it in my own way.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your time reading my blog and if you think my blog is dull and boring, feel free to leave comments so I can improve myself and write better.

p.s.: To certain people that ask, the reason I sign my post with the letter V is because I love Vanilla. That's all.